Get ready for digital mobility.

Elaborate your opportunities in the digital mobility business

Hubject Consulting offers customized advisory for companies eager to enter the digital mobility sector and ready to disrupt the status quo. We help you make key decisions on positioning and expanding your business activities.

Digital Mobility Positioning

Find your sweetspot

Based on your plans and concepts we reflect, analyze and research ideal strategic positionings for a successful business launch or expansion. Our expert advisors act as a field-proven sparring partner that challenge and optimize your future business plans.


the given market position and resources.


business planning and potential friction losses.


business plans and processes to maximize your future revenue stream.


Business Organization

Make it work

Once you have a clearly defined goal and a crisp picture of an aspired future position, we craft a full-fletched strategy to develop a profitable business model around it.

Set Up

the required business processes and necessary business units.


to ensure units and processes loose friction and get ready to scale.

Stress test

to build resilience and understand how the model performs under different scenarios.


Service & Product Design

Providing outstanding customer value

With a sharp strategic position, a crisp goal and a solid business structure your company is ready to go. We help you design a service that serves as a benchmark for the mobility market of the future.


competitor behaviors and suitable customer segments.


for optimum customer engagement and carefully crafted micro-services.


your customer satisfaction with specific and permanent product optimization.