Our Research Projects


BeNutz LaSA: improved utilization of charging infrastructure through smart incentive systems

In this join research project, we are generating intelligent financial incentive systems for end customers to achieve optimal utilization of in-demand public charging infrastructure and simultaneously support grid-serving charging. We are involved in the following research areas:

Contribution of eRoaming data
Analysis of >25.000 German charging station
Extension of the intercharge platform
Piloting of time-based tariffs
Evaluation of results
In partnership with
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Mertkan Kalyoncu
Research & Development Project Lead
Funded by

iLaPark: intelligent charging of electric vehicles in parking lots

We are creating intelligent solutions to support the expansion of charging infrastructure in parking lots by utilising portable, battery-based chargers and clever software for EMP which ensures the optimal distribution of power based on demand and energy supply. A project partner since early 2021, we contribute to the following areas:

Development, setup and testing
Creation of a process guideline
Development of business models
Analysis of protocols and connections
Design of incentive systems
In partnership with
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Amelie Thuermer
Research & Development Project Lead
Funded by

Mobility2Grid research campus: efficient and interconnected systems for a climate-neutral city

Our interdisciplinary research focus is the integration of electric vehicles into decentralized energy grids and the creation of several reference quarters for the synergetic interaction of electromobility, power grids and heat supply grids. We are currently involved in four of the campus’ five research topics:

eRoaming and Plug&charge enabled Smart Charging
Data generation for simulation and scenario development
Provision of an independent charging management system
In partnership with
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Ricarda Mendy
Research & Development Project Lead
Funded by

eCharge4Drivers: development of user-friendly charging stations and innovative charging solutions

With this project, we aim to improve the EV charging experience in urban areas and on interurban corridors to incentivize the transition to EV. To achieve this, the interoperability of mobility services must be finetuned. We are focusing on the following aspects of the project:

Developing a system for route planning
Developing a reservation system
Providing Plug&Charge
Monitoring and management
Providing transparent payment methods
In partnership with
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Mahmoud Draz
Research & Development Project Lead
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