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Plug into the charging network of the world

Allow your customers to roam freely no matter where they are on the map. Give your EV drivers access to thousands of newly-compatible charging stations across the globe.

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intercharge EMP

Our network is borderless. You can be too.

Joining the intercharge network as an eMobility service provider (EMP) makes your charging service compatible with hundreds of charging station operators across the globe. Your customers enjoy ever-increasing options where they can charge up, both at home and abroad.

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Stadtwerke Leipzig is one of the biggest municipal utilities in Germany with a turnover of 2.4 Mrd. Euros in 2019.


intercharge EMP enables EV drivers from SWL to potentially access more than 550 times more charging points in Europe than without Hubject.

“The whole onboarding experience and the integration into SWLs IoT and business platform to the Hubject EMP system went smooth, and support was given whenever needed with all our special requirements.”

Uwe Fischer

Head of Information Management

Virta is the fastest-growing electric vehicle charging platform in Europe and is operating in over 30 countries. They help over 300 partners around the world build future-proof EV charging businesses.


Virta utilizes the Hubject Intercharge EMP and CPO solutions to extend its network reach across Europe and attract more EV customers.

“We began cooperation with Hubject in 2013 when roaming was mainly a concept. Now roaming is a reality with millions of transactions and Hubject simplifying the complexity.”

Jussi Palola

CEO & Co-Founder

Security and scalability at the core

Keeping your operations safe and helping your business grow is at the heart of what we do at Hubject. All our services are designed with your security and scalability at their core.

Secure transactions

Data exchanged during charging transactions is always protected with the necessary level of confidentiality while maintaining its integrity and authenticity.

Scalable growth

We guarantee a steady uptime, so you never have to worry about stifling your growth. Expanding your reach through the intercharge network is 100% sustainable and scalable.  

Hubject intercharge Settlement
intercharge SETTLEMENT

Step into the future with real-time automated payments

Our fully automated, future proof payment solution for charging service providers is here. From the promise of payment to the movement of money, intercharge SETTLEMENT automates the entire financial flow from A to Z.

End-to-end payment processing

We instantly calculate the price for each charging session and launch a near real-time fund transfer as soon as the transaction’s data quality is approved. Invoices are then immediately generated for both parties after each successful transaction. 

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