Pre-assessment of regulatory framework conditions in 27 countries to support market expansion strategy




2 Consultants


6 Weeks


Initial project situation

Bosch, a premium tier-one supplier with worldwide operations wanted to gain a deeper understanding of e-mobility regulatory frameworks before developing their market expansion strategy in 27 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Their objective was to evaluate the opportunity for launching their CPO backend and EMP business models in these countries and expand their footprint in the world of eMobility. This project thus required a comprehensive assessment of the regulatory framework conditions in all the target countries, including energy law, tax, data privacy, and general licenses.  

Our approach

In its approach, Hubject Consulting used its own methodology for the regulatory framework analysis that was developed in other previous projects. Next, together with Hubject’s global network and partners, insightful analyses of mandatory API and protocol implications, market-specific legal and tax requirements, assessment of potential deviations from EU standard​, and data privacy regulations were conducted. These were carried out at country level, giving a thorough deep dive into the regulatory opportunities and pitfalls in each of the 27 countries analyzed.  

The final step was to create a risk assessment matrix, highlighting the significant risks and potential showstoppers per country, with critical evaluations and recommendations. These were specifically targeted towards the business models requested by the customer.  

The result

The analysis and assessment framework enabled the client to move forward with its market entry strategy swiftly. The risk assessment matrix enabled the client to prioritize its target countries according to the level of their regulatory risks. At the same time, the matrix also gave the client a very good indication of which aspects require deeper legal research and could then enlist further specialized advice. This tremendously reduced the time and cost of the preparation of their expansion approach.

Next case

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