Invoice Management

A new way to handle B2B invoicing

Over 1,000 partners are growing their businesses with the intercharge platform.
As a partner and a Charging Point Operator, you often had to manually create invoices for EMP partners.
Our goal is to improve our platform functionalities for you, therefore we created INVOICE MANAGEMENT, a free service designed to support and optimize your invoicing and billing cycles.


How it works

Tariffs provided by CPOs will be combined with Charge Detail Records (CDRs). An invoice will be created ready to be sent to an EMP. Additionally, the CPO receives a monthly overview of CDRs.
INVOICE MANAGEMENT will use the data already available on the platform. With a few steps, our CPOs will be able to make the most out of it.


CPOs create an offer to EMPs on our platform and provide price and tax information


According to the pricing model in the offer, the platform puts a price tag on Charge Detail Records


Once a month, the platform generates the invoices, which the CPO can access and send to the EMP partner

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