Construction of an extensive charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Rüsselsheim am Main


Rüsselsheim am Main


2 Consultants


6 Months


Initial project situation

The city of Rüsselsheim, Opel, and the Rhine-Main University of Applied Sciences have an ambitious goal to drastically expand local charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics, around 1300 charging points are to be created throughout the city.

Our approach

In coordination with the city of Rüsselsheim am Main, an overall concept was developed. It is based on an economically viable and optimal deployment of charging infrastructure. Taking into account the existing network infrastructure, potential locations for the charging infrastructure were examined and eventually selected through a socio-economic study in cooperation with the Rhine-Main University of Applied Sciences. In addition, a concept to meet the technical requirements for the charging infrastructure was developed as well as the technical requirements for connecting the charging infrastructure to the local distribution network analyzed.

Hubject Consulting was also responsible for the planning and implementation of the public tendering process, including the preparation of a specified hardware and backend system requirements profile. Finally, our consulting experts prepared an evaluation matrix including the evaluation of all applicants and a recommendation for a selected partner.

The result

Hubject Consulting provided the client with a shortlist of recommended partners for the development of charging infrastructure, based on a detailed evaluation matrix tailored to the project. Thanks to Hubject Consulting’s expert knowledge, the client was also able to receive a recommendation for the partner selection based on a detailed and objective assessment. The final documentation of the project section rounded off the result. The City of Rüsselsheim and the selected partner are now in a position to successfully turn the city of Rüsselsheim into an “Electric City.”

Next case

Competitive analysis in the mobility sector with specific focus on the energy network and infrastructure business of an energy provider

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