EVSE Data Score

Quality Control in the EV Charging Ecosystem

Set up your EV charging network for optimal use with Hubject’s EVSE Data Score. Discover how the score helps create a reliable public charging system.

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Paving the Way for a Reliable Charging Network


Improved EVSE-ID Data Accuracy


Increased Transparency and Reliability


Better Customer Experience


Competitive Advantage

In recent years, the expansion of EV charging infrastructure has accelerated to keep up with the growing adoption of EVs. As the number of charging networks continues to increase, high-quality EVSE-ID data has emerged as a crucial factor in establishing a reliable public charging system for millions of new EV drivers.

Ensuring the quality of this data has become a critical challenge for both charging point operators (CPOs) and eMobility providers (EMPs). Hubject has launched the EVSE data score to foster data transparency by helping CPOs and EMPs to holistically and systematically tackle the data quality challenge. With the EVSE Data Score, Hubject is encouraging all eMobility ecosystem players to focus on the quality and transparency of their EVSE-ID data.

Understanding the EVSE Data Score

The EVSE Data Score checks for the correctness and completeness of the EVSE-ID data from each charging point operator and provides an average score.



The Correctness Score evaluates whether the provided data for each EVSE-ID is accurate.


The Completeness Score assesses key fields in EVSE-ID data to determine whether all relevant details are provided for the EV driver.

EVSE Data Score

Using the EVSE Data Score to Improve the EV Charging Ecosystem

From data to action: The EVSE Data Score is a valuable service for both CPOs and EMPs to identify areas of improvement, optimize their EV charging networks, and deliver high-quality charging experiences.

Charging Point

Understand the pain points

Utilize the correctness and completeness scores to identify the most significant improvement areas in the EVSE-ID data.

Create an improvement plan

Prioritize EVSE-ID data enhancement projects based on the insights gained on data quality in your network.

Stand out from the competition

Benchmark against the industry average and enhance trust in your brand.

eMobility Service Provider

Measure service quality

Use the EVSE Data Score to gauge the quality of partner networks.

Optimize your current network

Check the performance of your EV charging network against the industry standard and include it in your development plan.

Create a strong network

Use data to choose the optimal partners for your business case and provide a superior charging experience.

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