Market entry strategy in 3 European countries for a premium charging infrastructure and service provider




2 Consultants


1 Month


Initial project situation

ChargeCloud, a premium charging infrastructure and service provider in Germany, decided to explore the potential of entering various other European markets. The company asked Hubject to evaluate their target markets with a focus on country-specific legal and technical requirements, and ultimately develop their respective market entry strategy.  

Our approach

To assess risk as well as market potential, Hubject Consulting began by evaluating the attractiveness and risks of individual markets in terms of market size, competition and the client’s strengths and weaknesses. The next step was to investigate country-specific requirements for e-Roaming, including an analysis of different regulations and the split between e-Roaming and bilateral agreements. This comprehensive risk analysis was eventually integrated into a market entry strategy which illustrated growth potential in the target markets, while addressing potential regulatory pitfalls and their respective mitigation measures.  

The result

With our support, the client successfully identified and prioritized 3 roll-out markets for their expansion in Europe.  The client found the assessment on legal regulations (i.e. Data privacy, IT security, Pricing and Data storage) to be especially impactful for their decision making.  

Next case

Piloting Plug&Charge Technology at the company location in Munich

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