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Optimize your charging operations with smart mobility data

Wondering how your business compares to the industry average? eMobility Analytics takes the guessing out of the game with monthly insights into the status of the industry and the performance of your operations.

It’s all in the data

Real data

No estimates, assumptions, or projections – only real operational data visualizing your unique position in the market.

Analyzed just for you

Each report is focused on revealing the most relevant insights for your individual business. We learn from your feedback and address your pain points directly.

With complete confidentiality

The data is anonymized and analyzed in conformity with our confidentiality clauses so as to maintain your complete confidentiality.

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We partner with commercial landlords and local authorities to provide an open-access, UK-wide rapid charging network for electric vehicles, powered by 100% renewable energy.


Osprey Charging Network Utilizies the Hubject Intercharge CPO solution to extend their network reach and attract more EV customers.

"Hubject is an invaluable partner for our business. Hubject allows us to easily reach the customers of the UK and European eMSPs that may not know about, or have used, our EV charging network."

Harry Bleasdale

Commercial Analyst

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