Introduction to the eMobility Ecosystem




2 Consultants


5 Months


Initial project situation

The Administración Nacional de Usinas y Transmisiones Eléctricas, Uruguay, has set itself the goal to initiate the development of electric mobility in Uruguay. For this reason, the company wants to acquire all the necessary knowledge at an early stage and learn about best practice examples from other countries.

Our approach

In a 5-day workshop, our consulting experts ensured that a targeted innovation and knowledge transfer exercise provided the company with a deep insight into the field of electromobility, the electromobility ecosystem, and potential business areas. The workshop was divided into five different areas, the first of which was primarily aimed at a general understanding of the ecosystem and highlighted global and national drivers for electromobility.

In the second part, market roles such as Charge Point Operator (CPO) and Electric Mobility Service Provider (EMSP) were explained in detail. As a next step, the Electric Vehicle Customer Journey was introduced to the client in order to create a precise understanding of potential customers and their requirements for the electromobility ecosystem in Uruguay. In the concluding part of the workshop, our experts presented future trends and potential business models for the company and, as part of a “deep dive,” gave the customer key insights about IT Frameworks and Requirements.

The result

Thanks to the workshop conducted by Hubject Consulting, the client received a number of ideas and suggestions for new products and business models. In addition, the regional characteristics of Uruguay were highlighted and compared with international markets, especially those in Latin American. This gave the client a deep understanding of the specifics of Uruguay. New business models in the field of electromobility were also analyzed and put into context with an assessment of their potential for the client.

The Administración Nacional de Usinas y Transmisiones Eléctricas, Uruguay, now has the opportunity to expand further and use the newly acquired insights in the field of electromobility and shape the development of electromobility in Uruguay.

Next case

Piloting Plug&Charge Technology at the company location in Munich

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