Strategic customer journey development for premium charging solutions


Automobili Pininfarina


3 Consultants


3 Weeks


Initial project situation  

Automobili Pininfarina, a luxury automaker, wanted to live up to its premium carmaker brand by offering an outstanding customer and charging experience for their eMobility customers. Hubject Consulting was the partner they chose to support them with the development of customer journeys for various charging use cases – the focus was very much on premium value-added services.  

Our approach

The Hubject Consulting team analyzed the charging behavior in the client’s target markets (located in Asia and North America) with a focus on assessing charging infrastructure development. The methodology used for the analysis was based on user personas. The basic customer charging journey for each persona was developed first. Different vehicles and different charging solutions were then added to the analysis. Every step of the journey was developed and highlighted in terms of current status and innovation potential, i.e. MSP contracts with customers, billing and invoicing, route planning, charge point finder, and authentication medium and hardware installation.  

Based on insights from the customer journey and market analysis, Hubject Consulting developed a strategic roadmap for implementing premium charging solutions by identifying relevant activities, prioritizing services and accounting activities in each target market.

The result

The client gained a much deeper understanding of the public luxury EV charging process through Hubject’s detailed visualization of market insights into the market valuation, market structure and key market specifications in the 3 target markets. As a result of this effort, the client now has a strategic roadmap and concrete next steps to implement premium eMobility charging solutions.

Next case

Design and development of a Smart Charging Management pilot system for the plant in Ingolstadt

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