Creation of a CPMS requirements catalogue & analysis of suitable backend systems


GP Joule


2 Consultants


8 Weeks


Initial project situation

GP Joule Connect as a system house offers integrated project solutions for different customer segments in the area of mobility project implementation. As a Charge Point Operator (CPO) and Electric Mobility Provider (EMP), the customer was looking for Hubject Consulting’s expertise to fully meet the needs and requirements of various users and customer groups.

Our approach

Hubject Consulting started by supporting GP Joule Connect in the strategic alignment and role definition as a CPO and EMP in the context of the overall corporate strategy. As a second step, a catalog of criteria for service provider evaluation was drawn up. On this basis, a set of specifications for selecting suitable CPMS service providers was designed. Finally, Hubject Consulting prepared a detailed overview of service portfolios, market constellations, and opportunities and risks.

The result

Together with GP Joule Connect, Hubject Consulting has developed a strategy for segment-specific solutions that help the client meet the needs of its various customer segments over the long term and further strengthen GP Joule Connect’s position in the market. A detailed customer journey of the individual customer segments also allows the client to target its end customers so that the services offered meet or exceed their needs. The precise methodology used by Hubject Consulting to create a requirements document and evaluation matrix of CPMS systems also enables the client to make an in-depth evaluation of potential CPMS vendors, thereby minimizing their own search costs. In the next step, GP Joule Connect can now further specify its strategic market positioning, find a suitable CPMS provider, and thus connect its own solutions to its system.

“Hubject Consulting provided us with excellent advice based on their extensive market knowledge. We are now really well-positioned” – Philip Hermes, Head of Digitization GP JOULE Connect.

Next case

Construction of an extensive charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Rüsselsheim am Main

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