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One platform, thousands of new customers.

With intercharge CPO, EV drivers can find and use your charging stations, charge up, and pay conveniently - worldwide.

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intercharge CPO

Open up your charging infrastructure to the world

Joining the intercharge network as a charge point operator (CPO) makes your charging stations compatible with hundreds of eMobility charging service providers, giving many more EV drivers the ability to charge up at your stations.

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intercharge SETTLEMENT

Step into the future with real-time automated financial flows

Our fully automated, future proof payment solution is here. From the promise of payment to the movement of money, intercharge SETTLEMENT automates the entire financial flow from A to Z.

End-to-end payment processing

We instantly calculate the price for each charging session and launch a near real-time fund transfer as soon as the transaction’s data quality is approved. Invoices are then immediately generated for both parties after each successful transaction. 

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GP Joule Connect as a system house offers integrated project solutions for different customer segments in the area of mobility project implementation.


Hubject Consulting has developed a strategy for segment specific solutions that help the client meet the needs of its various customer segments over the long term and further strengthen GP Joule Connect’s position in the market.

“The whole experience was great. In addition, there was a surprising amount of depth and insights about us and the industry included in the final presentation.”

Philip Hermes

Head of Digital Platform

Osprey partners with commercial landlords and local authorities to provide an open-access, UK-wide rapid charging network for electric vehicles powered by 100% renewable energy.


Osprey Charging Network utilizes the Hubject Intercharge CPO solution to extend its network reach and attract more EV customers.

“Hubject is an invaluable partner for our business. Hubject allows us to easily reach the customers of the UK and European eMSPs that may not know about, or have used, our EV charging network.”

Harry Bleasdale

Commercial Analyst

EnBW, one of the biggest energy utilities in Europe, provides access to the largest charging network in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.


EnBW utilizes the Hubject Intercharge CPO solution to extend its network reach and attract more EV customers.

As one of Europe’s biggest energy utilities, we strongly rely on our joint venture partner Hubject since 2012 to substantially extend our network as CPO and EMP while sharing our joint customer-first attitude.

Lars Walch

VP Strategy & Sales

Security and scalability at the core

Keeping your operations safe and helping your business grow is at the heart of what we do at Hubject. All our services are designed with your security and scalability at their core.

Secure transactions

Data exchanged during charging transactions is always protected with the necessary level of confidentiality while maintaining its integrity and authenticity.

Scalable growth

We guarantee a steady uptime, so you never have to worry about stifling your growth. Expanding your reach through the intercharge network is 100% sustainable and scalable. 

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intercharge DIRECT

A charging solution for everyone

Open up your charging stations to even more customers with intercharge DIRECT. Allow customers with no EV charging contract to pay directly via credit card or smartphone-based digital payment services - no technical adjustments needed. It’s that simple.

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Optimize your charging operations with smart mobility data

Wondering how your business compares to the industry average? eMobility Analytics takes the guessing out of the game with monthly insights into the status of the industry and the performance of your operations. 

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