Competitive analysis in the mobility sector with specific focus on the energy network and infrastructure business of an energy provider


innogy Consulting


2 Consultants


8 Weeks


Initial project situation

New (digital) technologies and innovations are allowing actors from a wide range of industries to enter the mobility sector and shape it. As the boundaries between different sectors increasingly blur and a multitude of new business models emerge, it is leading to a change in the competitive environment: A large number of players are entering the market and taking the lead in exploring cutting-edge areas and new opportunities.

Generally, the mobility sector is becoming increasingly important and interesting for energy suppliers. Finding new designs as well as product development ideas would allow innogy Consulting’s customers to take advantage of the changing mobility sector. That is why essential market trends as well as the general market competition with a special focus on infrastructure services needed to be uncovered and analyzed

Our approach

The entire process is based on innogy Consulting and Hubject Consulting’s in-depth expertise in the fields of mobility, energy, and digitalization.

A structured 3-phase approach was chosen for the competitive analysis: First, current, and future trends within the mobility sector were analyzed. As a second step, Hubject Consulting together with innogy Consulting conducted a competitive analysis based on the previous evaluation of industry trends. As the last step, a customer and competitor analysis was conducted in order to get a profound understanding of product development and design

The result

Together with innogy Consulting, Hubject Consulting analyzed over 60 business areas and more than 100 market players. Subsequently, the most promising were presented in a detailed market (role) overview. On this basis, our experts issued guidelines and recommendations for action. As a result, the client gained a profound understanding of market developments, competitors, and product developments in the mobility sector.

Based on this, viable and future-proof business models can now be developed and offered. These will enable the energy provider to take advantage of the mobility change, to shape the mobility industry in a sustainable manner and to achieve the market position it is aiming for.

Next case

Introduction to the eMobility Ecosystem

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