Telecommunications Clearing House and Emobility Roaming Platform Join Forces: Starhome Mach and Hubject Develop Billing Service for the intercharge Charging Network

Berlin, 12/03/2018 – In partnership with the Luxembourg billing and settlement specialist Starhome Mach, the Berlin-based joint venture Hubject has added fully automated billing to its B2B service marketplace in order to simplify billing processes between companies in the future. Intercharge BILLING gives charging station operators the ability to allocate to and settle charging transactions with a wide variety of different emobility service providers worldwide.

When it comes to cross-provider charging, known as eRoaming*, invoicing is currently a time-consuming and complex process for charging station operators, who have to process transactions from a number of different providers’ customers. Up until now, this was often handled manually and using classic data processing software. Increasing demand and the growing market require future-proof, scalable alternatives. With Starhome Mach, an experienced provider of automated billing processes in the telecommunications market, Hubject was able to acquire the ideal partner for this task.

The result is intercharge BILLING – an end-to-end, integrated solution that can handle each and every step as part of a fully automated process, from validating the charging process to clearing – the central allocation of all charging receipts – to automatically sending all monthly invoices to the respective service provider. The intercharge BILLING portal gives users the ability to centrally manage and review all transactions as well as download the transaction data. The new solution is currently being piloted with first partners from the intercharge network.

As a young, growing market, the emobility sector today faces the same challenges the telecommunications market faced 20 years ago – increasing complexity and connectivity demand automation in the wholesale process. Together we have introduced a frictionless billing and settlement process to the emobility market which will simplify and speed the settlement of funds between all Hubject customers.,” said Starhome Mach CEO Itai Margalit.

With intercharge BILLING, we are systematically expanding our platform into a future-oriented marketplace that brings together all market participants in a beneficial way. The integrated billing solution for B2B partners makes the automated settlement of complex transaction processes possible – while simultaneously offering complete cost control and transparency. As such, today we are offering value-added services and sophisticated end-to-end solutions that will define the future of transportation. And doing so all from one source,” adds Hubject CEO Christian Hahn, commenting on the expanded product range.

* The term eRoaming refers to a model in which a charging station can be used with a number of different providers. This means electric car owners have the ability to use external providers’ charging stations and are not limited to charging at stations that are part of their own supplier’s network. Hubject operates an eRoaming platform which the cross-provider charging network intercharge is based on.


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