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Since 2017, eMobility partners across the ecosystem have added Plug&Charge to their offering. For them, the technology makes it easy to offer an effortless and secure charging experience that is fully automated: from authentication to initiation to billing. Learn more about who has joined the Plug&Charge community.

Plug&Charge implementations across the ecosystem

These CPOs leveled up with Plug&Charge to create the coveted charging experience

These CPOs leveled up with Plug&Charge to create the coveted charging experience

The future-proof ISO15118 protocol puts accessibility and security at the center and prepares CPOs for the surge in public charging demand.

Feasible Implementation

Once the decision is made, the roadmap is straightforward. Most CPOs are productive within six months of starting implementation – depending on the size of their network and status of their charging stations.

Strategic Rollout

Auditing charging station hardware and software can be daunting without the right partner. Hubject’s Plug&Charge consultants streamline this process by assessing charging network capabilities and developing unique strategies tailored to the needs of the individual CPO – including identifying strategic partners to support and strengthen their business.

Profit with a Promise

Plug&Charge is an investment into the future of EV charging. As the ecosystem expands, staying on the map means developing key transformative service offerings that keep EV drivers loyal.

Making digital charging innovation a key perk of car ownership

Making digital charging innovation a key perk of car ownership

Getting new EV drivers on the road is at the core of the energy transformation. OEMs have identified the distinct potential of Plug&Charge to establish driver trust in public charging.

Multi-Contract Flexibility

ISO 15118 supports multi-contract handling, a key feature that balances between simple and flexible in-car charging contract management. Cars can store up to five contracts and authenticate automatically.

Up to Speed in No Time

Newcomers keep the planning and execution of Plug&Charge implementation on the short-term horizon by working with our in-house experts. Technical tests and troubleshooting are faster with experience.

Connecting the dots of public charging with fewer steps along the user journey

Connecting the dots of public charging with fewer steps along the user journey

Charging an EV needs to be as uncomplicated as refueling a car. EMPs implement Plug&Charge to create a secure and seamless charging experience for EV drivers across their networks.

Onboarding Support

Clarity is key during big implementations. Hubject’s Plug&Charge onboarding includes an in-depth audit and comprehensive technical support, making implementation possible within six months.

Secure Authentication

Scaling up shouldn’t include security risks introduced by RFID technology. The Public Key Infrastructure based in Hubject’s CA2 root certificate makes Plug&Charge the most secure authentication method on the market.

Multi-Contract Handling

With the flexibility of holding up to five parallel charging contracts, Plug&Charge enables a variety of use cases that a driver might encounter. Toggling between relevant offers in public, home and destination charging keeps several charging brands close to the driver.

Enabling innovation at the center of charging operations

Enabling innovation at the center of charging operations

With a fundamental relationship to the functionality of the charging network globally, backend providers see Plug&Charge as a key technology to support scaling. Automated authentication and billing simplify ecosystem processes.

Audit and Certification

The Plug&Charge audit of backend services spotlights the system's strengths and weaknesses. Upon implementation and testing, Plug&Charge certification signals trustworthiness to stakeholders.

Future Facing

The custom V2G root certificate and PKI setup for Plug&Charge sets the stage for future technologies based on ISO 15118.

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Steady Progress


Plug&Charge ready charging stations

Equipping the existing charging infrastructure with Plug&Charge is our shared goal. Every day, new stations are added.


Active driver contracts

The demand speaks for itself: drivers are ready to use Plug&Charge in their daily lives. eMobility Service Providers support adoption by integrating it into their apps and services.


Productive electric vehicles

EV Manufacturers across the board have focused their efforts on adopting Plug&Charge. New EV drivers will soon expect the technology to be the standard.

Philipp Senoner - CEO, Alpitronic

Plug&Charge is an important milestone for the acceptance of eMobility by the end customer and we are excited to be actively involved in this project.

Dr. Susanne Koblitz - Head of Charging Technology, Ionity

It was necessary to develop Plug&Charge as an entire ecosystem, so that any electric vehicle and any charging station can communicate while ensuring confidentiality, data integrity and authenticity.

Elke Temme - Head of charging & Energy Business, Elli

We have the customer in mind, because this precisely our standard in the long run... Just arrive, plug in and everything works by itself.

Cliff Fietzek - Former Director of Technology, Electrify America

The Plug&Charge technology will streamline Electrify America's charging experience. It will help make electric vehicle ownership a reality for both their local and long-distance mobility needs.

Martin Roemheld - Former Head of eMobility Services, VW Ag

Volkswagen ID family and all our future platforms will support Plug&Charge, so the customer can set up any provider’s charging contract in his vehicle and charge comfortably and automatically.

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Plug&Charge Multi-Contract Handling

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Catch up on the latest Plug&Charge news

Hubject and Blink Charging collaborate on Plug&Charge across the Blink network in North America and Europe

October 27, 2022

Hubject’s Plug&Charge team is first to launch ISO15118-20 public key infrastructure in their free testing environment

September 29, 2022

Charging without an app and card: BMW Group introduces Plug & Charge function and is the first manufacturer to integrate multiple charging contracts.

September 12, 2022

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