Implement the Future of Charging

Get your copy of the CharIn Implementation Guide

The Berlin-based association “Charging Interface Initiative e. V.” (CharIN) is launching our comprehensive implementation guide for Plug&Charge based on ISO/IEC 15118. The guide makes it easier for all market players to implement Plug&Charge and will speed up the widespread usage of this helpful technology. The guide features an overview of the eMobility market and specifically into ISO 15118, introduces the major concepts and technologies of the norm and helps the ease implementation of Plug&Charge with practical use cases.

This document will aid Plug&Charge to become the de-facto standard for EV charging. Hubject is proud to support CharIN and to play a vital role with ISO 15118 and Plug&Charge.

Download Guide (for CharIn members)

Find further information regarding the market-ready functionality of our award-winning Plug&Charge ecosystem and product here.