Hubject and Swisscom extend the European charging station network in Switzerland with new eHub solution


Berlin, 14 March 2016. The Berlin-based company Hubject GmbH has expanded its portfolio with the eHub solution. The solution enables partners to establish their own national, regional or local charging networks. This joining of charge point operators with emobility service providers in order to form an independent network is made possible by a new multi-client platform. Consequently, businesses, associations and project syndicates can operate charging station networks in line with the market by themselves. The Berlin company is thus providing a solution which promotes the expansion of a networked and customer-friendly charging infrastructure and simultaneously replaces isolated solutions. The solution is based on the “eRoaming-as-a-service” concept developed by Hubject.

The newly emerging eHubs are an integral part of Hubject’s intercharge network; they grant every new eHub partner access to the largest B2B charging network in Europe. The partners’ platforms have the same functions at their disposal as the Hubject platform. In this way, partners are able to adopt and commercialise all of Hubject’s digital electric mobility services. This eliminates the costly and lengthy process of creating a platform with a similar structure.

“Companies and associations, as well as town councils, metropolises and state institutions can all create their own eHub. Our solution takes care of many of the conceptual and administrative tasks for partners – thus networking platforms do not have to be reinvented”, explains Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject GmbH. “With the eHub solution, our partners have a wide range of additional services at their disposal, therefore enabling all of the innovative solutions that Hubject develops to be used. What’s more, we offer services to support new partners when they join the platform, as well as employee and sales training. This massively speeds up the time it takes to set up your own network”, adds Christian Hahn, also CEO of Hubject GmbH.

The solution is already being actively used in Switzerland and Liechtenstein by leading Swiss telecommunications company, Swisscom AG. Even the Austrian Federation of Electric Mobility (BEÖ – Bundesverband Elektromobilität Österreich) has already opted for Hubject’s eHub solution. The BEÖ, which is made up of Austria’s leading national and regional energy suppliers, will launch “Ö-HUB” onto the Austrian market together with Hubject over the course of the year.

Hubject currently interlinks over 190 European partner companies using its digital eRoaming platform. The business and IT platform solution can be readily adopted at either national or regional level.

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