HERE and Hubject collaboration


Berlin, 15th June 2016. HERE, the location cloud company, and Hubject are announcing a collaboration today. EV drivers who use HERE-powered maps, navigation systems or apps will in future be able to access real time information of all charging stations in the intercharge network. Integrating information on charging stations from the Hubject platform with the HERE mapping system will make it easier for customers to locate charging stations for their electric vehicles – and this will improve the customer experience.

The collaboration between HERE and Hubject will enable the inclusion of information on charging stations across all providers, e.g. address, connector type and power, along with dynamic data on occupancy  and the availability of parking spaces in front of charging stations. Real time transfer of static and dynamic data will be fully automated via the Hubject platform.

HERE is a world leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences. Maps from HERE are used in four out of five vehicles with integrated in-dash navigation systems in North America and Western Europe, as well as in stand-alone apps for smartphones and tablets. This means a large community of users will now have access to Hubject’s comprehensive information on charging stations in its network. Once again, Hubject and its partners are driving forward the development of customer-friendly electric mobility.

“We are delighted to welcome HERE as the market leader in mapping and navigation services to our network of partners. Both companies are committed to digitalising mobility, and this is an ideal basis for further innovation” says Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject GmbH.

 “Maps and location are all about providing relevant information at the right place, time and context. By integrating information from Hubject about charging stations into our map, drivers of electric vehicles can plan their routes with more ease and confidence, being reassured to know about all charge facilities within their range” adds Michael Bültmann, Managing Director of HERE Deutschland GmbH.

The HERE system and the Hubject platform will be fully networked in the summer. Hubject information on charging stations will then be available for license by car manufacturers and other providers of mobility services.

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