A look back at the ICNC 2019

Exciting and in-depth exchanges at the seventh intercharge network conference in Berlin

Hubject hosted the international InterCharge Network Conference (ICNC19) on June 13th & 14th in Berlin with the theme “a platform for exchange.” Thought-leaders and executives from industry, start-ups, associations and government agencies met again for the seventh time to discuss modern mobility and electric mobility. This year, speakers from well-known companies presented and debated the current state, opportunities and challenges of digital mobility. Conversations centered around the close integration of players in order to ensure even faster and more efficient worldwide electric mobility. International best practice examples shed light on the variety of ways deployment could work. Accenture, Alibaba, BP, IBM, Porsche, PWC, Siemens, Telecom and UPS, as well as representatives of international companies in the “smart and electric mobility” sector such as StarCharge, Wirelane, Electrify America and Virta, were all present.

Different market characteristics were examined in four major subject categories.

Scale Up – eMobility Going Global
dealt with market entry strategies and stakeholder analysis. As digitization is having a significant impact on mobility, it is constantly attracting new companies. The ICNC provided insights into the strategies of internationally active new entrants as well as established companies that have grown with the industry, thus enabling the participants to become familiar with globally scalable business models.

Dive In – Ecosystem of Digital Mobility
dealt in detail with digital mobility’s value creation models. Discussions focused on new interfaces and industry connections, which are forming strategic and technical alliances. The ICNC gave insights into emerging eMobility markets, identified cross-market opportunities and looked at different business strategies. The sessions provided first-hand insight from market-leading mobility companies within digital innovation.

Own It – Technological bases of future mobility,
focused on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface standards, and decentralized data storage. A panel of well-respected leaders discussed the development and use of data-driven new mobility business models. This category brought targeted approaches, different business models and experiences with related digital businesses to the stage.

Level Up – Integrated Energy and Vehicle Systems
focused on cities, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and automated charging. ICNC participants were introduced to a variety of topics around the concept of V2X (Vehicle-to-everything), specifically vehicle-to-grid charging network services and the integration of renewable energy. In addition, the audience discovered future application possibilities for their area of business. The ICNC also took a journey through key use cases and introduced new strategies to promote urban mobility.

Four main themes guided through ICNC19 – featuring disruptive trends and changing tomorrow’s mobility world.


Many conference attendees also participated in the new ICNC “Breakout Sessions,” where subjects were covered in detail and where they had more opportunity for one-on-one exchanges. Breakout session topics included modern fleet management, mobility market overview of the USA and China, as well as technical and organizational integration of ISO 15118 based Plug & Charge. These sessions took place on a solar-powered boat on the river Spree.


The intercharge network conference (ICNC) was once again a great success this year and not only in regards to the number of attendees. With over 1,100 participants in 2019, the ICNC is now one of the largest eMobility conferences. Participants praised the expected global business conference scope and the expertise and senior-level of presenters and panelists. As is expected at the ICNC, there were many new strategic mobility topics covered, including innovative technology and new businesses models. The term “digital mobility” is evolving and this industry is increasingly recognizing that a key to success lies in a company and cross-market collaboration. Find out more about ICNC at http://intercharge-network-conference.com

There is an exciting road ahead and we are looking forward to traveling it with you at the next ICNC!