Open Plug&Charge Testing System

Enabling Plug&Charge for all eMobility players is one of the primary goals of our activities at Hubject. Experiencing, developing, and testing Plug&Charge via ISO 15118 needs to be as easy as possible. Therefore, Hubject is now offering everyone a simple way to adopt Plug&Charge based by granting access to the Open Plug&Charge Testing System. It enables everyone to experience various use cases in an open and neutral environment.

Since 2014, Hubject has been developing Plug&Charge Ecosystem, enabling eMobility companies to test it in different roles like Charging Point Operators, Mobility Service Providers/ Mobility Operators, etc.

Hubject believes that collaboration between eMobility players is moving the market forward. For this reason, we are eager to share our knowledge, experience and lessons learned with market partners.

How it works

Hubject offers a specific hosted test environment as a part of the Plug&Charge Ecosystem, which allows anyone to test the prominent use cases of the technology without the need of closing a business contract or any other obligations. Multiple vehicle provisioning certificates are stored in our Provisioning Certificate Pool (PCP). If you are a Mobile Operator (MO), you can create contracts for these test vehicles.  

Suppose you are a Charging Point Operator (CPO). In this case, you can use the ISO 15118 installation response from the Contract Certificate Pool (CCP) to simulate the installation of a contract certificate via the CPO backend.  

If you have access to an ISO 15118 vehicle simulator as a physical testing device, you can perform End-to-End (E2E) Plug&Charge tests as well.

Learn and test

Generate EVSE Certificates for an ISO 15118 TLS Handshake
Create a CSR and enroll an EVSE Leaf Certificate from the Hubject QA V2G ROOT CA​
Get Root CAs from the RCP​
Get the CPO Chain of the V2G Root PKI​
Use Plug&Charge pools RCP, PCP, CCP
RCP: Get access and download available V2G Roots and MO Roots​
PCP: Get Provisioning certs and chain by a given PCID
CCP: Get the contract data via EMAID or certificate Installation Request
Generate signed contract data, including contract certificates
Use our MO PKI service to quickly generate contract certificates, sign contract data and store them in the Contract Certificate Pool (CCP)​
Delete and revoke contract data as a MO​
Run Plug&Charge
End-2-End (E2E) sessions

Download the Provisioning Certificate, including the private key to your ISO 15118 simulator
Use Hubject V2G PKI and the Plug&Charge Ecosystem for the End-2-End flow

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