your reach.

A Network

Diversity in its strongest form.

eMobility has the potential to substantially change the way we move. Unfortunately, EV drivers were initially having a hard time at charging stations struggling with complex and diverse access and payment systems from various providers. Hubject was founded to combine these charging infrastructures into a standardized, accessible network. The result is called intercharge. Thanks to intercharge EV drivers now only need one contract from an intercharge partner to seamlessly charge at every station within the network.

A Promise

Least effort. Biggest range.

The intercharge symbol stands for easy access to the world’s biggest charging network: charging points run by intercharge partners are visibly marked with the label – and can thus easily be identified by customers all over the world. EV drivers who entered into a contract with one of our partners have thus access to all chargers in the network.

A Community

Over 80 eMobility service providers are part of the intercharge network.
You can find them all here:

Your way to intercharge

Looking for a spot to charge? Use our finder and head for the next intercharge station close by.


How does intercharge direct work? Who to call when the charging station doesn‘t work? In our FAQ section EV drivers will find questions and answers to provide a better understanding of the intercharge network and our services.