The eRoaming platform for customer-friendly charging of electric vehicles

With more than 750 partners, the Hubject platform is the biggest international digital B2B market place for services related to the charging of electric vehicles. More than 250.000 charge points on four continents are connected to the open Hubject platform. Since 2012, we have been connecting different market players in order to create a digital and cross-border charging network for electric vehicles – the intercharge network. Our portfolio addresses e.g. charge point operators, emobility service providers, energy suppliers, fleet operators, car sharing companies, service card providers or automotive manufacturers.

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Our B2B solutions

Open your charging stations to other electricity providers and get them listed in navigation systems and charging apps of the main providers.

Provide the opportunity for direct payment at your charging stations for EV drivers without a contract.

Integrate intercharge EMP easily in your charging card and app to provide your customers access to the entire intercharge network.

Get your systems certified. Be ready for e-roaming with CHECK, the e-roaming certification for providers of hardware and software solutions for charging station and customer management.