eRoaming — The open market model for electric mobility

What is eRoaming?


eRoaming refers to a market model in electric mobility. It describes the contractual relationship and the resulting interaction of the involved market participants with each other.

Connection of isolated solutions

Currently, charging stations are often equipped with proprietary billing systems. The usage of these charging stations is thus reduced to a limited circle of customers. Only electric vehicle drivers who have concluded a contract with the charging station operator can use it. All other EV drivers who have a different EV power contract with another provider are excluded from usage.

eRoaming offers EV drivers the option to charge their vehicles at all charging stations – regardless of any contracts concluded with operators. The billing occurs subsequently via the customer’s own contractual partner.

Therefore, the various players within the electric mobility market are connected via a business and IT platform (e.g., Hubject). This connection provides a cross-provider charging infrastructure, making customer-friendly charging a reality.

Cross-border charging with intercharge and eRoaming