Plug&Charge Public Key Infrastructure

The Hubject Certificate Policy sets forth the business, legal, and technical requirements governing the use of Hubject’s V2G CA Certificates by participants in the Hubject Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) used for Plug&Charge.

Product documents

Plug & Charge Icon SVG

Plug&Charge PKI

Version 1.7

June 2020

O.I.D. 41525.
V2G Root CA G2
Hubject GmbH
Valid until
9 January 2059 at 20:00:00 CET
Serial number
00 BB BB BC 1A C4 5A D2 DF E5 B1 D8 73 C3 5C 84
SHA 256 Fingerprint
A7 6A E4 C5 D0 0E 06 A9 67 55 45 11 86 5B FA 89 E7 95 90 E8 A6 1B 5A 71 F9 CE 22 E0 39 D6 C3 70
Certificate status

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