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Whether you’re looking to enter the EV charging market, advance your EV charging services, or put the finishing touches on your existing products, our team of highly experienced EV Charging experts is here to help.

Market Entry Strategies and Key Offerings

EV Charging Strategy Development

We develop holistic strategies for our clients using up-to-the-minute data and our vast network of partners spanning 52 countries. No one else knows the EV charging business and how to make it profitable better than Hubject.

Enter the North American EV charging market

We support US and Canadian companies that want to transition to or expand their business into the EV Charging market.

Enter the North America Market from abroad

As a global leader in the eMobility sector, we work with companies outside North America to develop strategic solutions for entry into the US & Canadian eMobility markets

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Powerful EV mobility data

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of international partners, we leverage significant data from millions of charging processes to tailor our strategies for you.

Cross Industry Partnerships

We have a vast global network of 850+ partners that work with multiple industries, allowing us to connect our clients to valuable experts that will guide your business decisions.

Countless Successful Projects

With more than 150 successful consulting projects both locally and internationally, we prove first-hand our expertise in the EV charging sector.

We help you wherever you are in the market

Hubject Consulting offers a customized solution for companies looking to enter the EV charging market or expand their current offerings. From start-ups to large-scale enterprises or Public Enterprise, more than 150 organizations trust our expertise.


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Companies supported

Hubject Consulting offers customized advice for companies eager to enter the digital mobility sector and ready to disrupt the status quo.

Are you planning to invest in the EV charging business?

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For investors, it is challenging to identify profitable investments in EV charging businesses. Read the whitepaper prepared by our consulting expertise together with partners from the Charles River Association. Our consultants evaluated the investment landscape of the EV charging businesses and identified key players in the market, investment opportunities and overall market growth. The industry overview backed up with statistical data and our investment experience will give you more insights and context for the EV charging market in the US.

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Read some of our expert perspectives relevant for the North American market entrants here:

Winning as an Oil and Gas Company in the EV Charging Business


Pricing Strategies for Electric Mobility Providers


NIO is China’s most prolific automobile manufacturer specializing in designing and developing electric vehicles. The company is also one of the first global OEMs to implement a battery swapping, or battery-as-a-service (BaaS), program.


Hubject Consulting supported NIO in evaluating how to provide a first-in-class charging experience for their EV customers in Europe. Hubject’s design and assessment of EU market feasibility helped NIO pursue a successful rollout of its business model outside of China.

“The whole experience was great. In addition, there was a surprising amount of depth and insights about us and the industry included in the final presentation.”

Philip Hermes, Head of Digital Platform GO Joule
Philip Hermes

Head of Digital Platform

Automobili Pininfarina is a storied vehicle design company and luxury car manufacturer. The brand launched its first electric hyper performance GT, the Battista, for a price of $2M in 2020.


To support the launch of the Battista, Hubject Consulting developed an international EV charging strategy and implementation roadmap. Hubject created a charging infrastructure plan that was customer-focused, digitally-advanced and customized to Automobili Pininfarina’s international markets.

“The Battista will be a luxurious vehicle for a premium target group. That’s why we’re relying on Hubject’s experience to provide a world-class charging service for our customers.”

Michael Perschke


Electrify America offers the most public DC fast charging stations in the United States. The country’s EV charging leader, Electrify America operates more than 2200 charging stations that can fully charge an EV’s battery in as little as 30 minutes.


While Electrify America is already well-established in the U.S., Hubject provides innovative solutions to help Electrify America maintain its leadership position as other players enter the market.

“The excellent support from Hubject has been essential for Electrify America to reach our goal to bring industry-leading technology like electric vehicle plug and charge to the market”

Cliff Fietzek


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an international top management consulting firm and a trusted partner of Hubject Consulting.


Hubject Consulting worked with BCG to develop an EV charging infrastructure strategy.

“Hubject Consulting provided excellent expertise in the field of charging infrastructure” – Project Lead Boston Consulting Group

Ingmar Schäfer

Boston Consulting Group

Peachtree Corners is a city in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. The city has become an innovative testing ground for EV charging, 5G technology, autonomous vehicles and smart city technology in a real-world environment.


Hubject Consulting developed a comprehensive electrification plan for Peachtree Corners, whose residents were purchasing more and more EVs. Hubject’s work included the strategy for a DC Fast Charging plaza at the Peachtree Corners Town Center, which can now charge all types of EV models.

“Appreciate all the work the Hubject team has done to help Peachtree Corners reach our goals”

Brandon Branham

Peachtree Corners

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