Strategic partnership between Hubject and MOBI.E opens Portuguese EV market to international collaboration

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March 1, 2023

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The strategic collaboration between the leader in eMobility interoperability Hubject and Portugal’s eMobility initiative MOBI.E establishes a bridge for cooperations between the Portuguese and international markets. Connecting the MOBI.E network to the intercharge eRoaming network enables international EV drivers to use the public charging infrastructure in Portugal with their existing EMP contracts, bringing in new opportunities for Portuguese CPOs.

Hubject and MOBI.E share a common goal: to make it as easy as possible for EV drivers to access charging services, regardless of the specific charging network or payment system they use. Integrating the MOBI.E network of EMPs and CPOs within Portugal into Hubject’s intercharge platform brings Europe another step closer to the ideal of seamless, borderless EV charging.

Through intercharge, European EV drivers will now have access to Portugal’s network of fast-charging stations along major highways, which make it possible for them to quickly and easily charge their vehicles while on long-distance trips. Currently, the MOBI.E public access network offers more than 5,800 charging points, covering all 308 municipalities, including the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira.  

Portuguese EV drivers in turn can now benefit from the wider European charging infrastructure that is connected through the intercharge network. Many public charging stations in their neighbouring countries are already interoperable via eRoaming: Portuguese EV drivers can travel through Europe without any range anxiety. This serves as further encouragement for EV adoption across Europe.

“Portugal was the pioneer of a fully interoperable market that now has more than 70 CPOs and 25 EMSP. The partnership with Hubject will increase the area in which you can find a completely interoperable market for Portuguese and European EV users,” says MOBI.E CEO Luis Barroso.  

An initiative by the Portuguese government, MOBI.E is boosting the deployment of EV charging infrastructure and increases the use of EVs within Portugal. Part of this is ensuring full interoperability. The Portuguese government has set standards for EV charging which allow charging systems from different manufacturers to be compatible with each other. This makes it easier for EV drivers to use a variety of charging stations without having to worry about compatibility issues. To further reduce complexity in its national EV charging network, Portugal also introduced regulations that stipulate that every CPO that wants to operate in Portugal must be connected to the MOBI.E backend. The integration of the Portuguese EV charging network into the intercharge eRoaming network enables Hubject to act as a facilitator for all international EMSP and CPO who want to develop their activity in Portugal.

“We're glad to count MOBI.E among our eRoaming partners,” says Hubject CEO Christian Hahn. “The MOBI.E network already enables seamless charging across Portugal. The strategic partnership between Hubject and MOBI.E brings the eMobility ecosystem another step closer to the ideal of a borderless charging experience for EV drivers from all over Europe.”

By joining the intercharge network, Portugal is now opening its borders to pan-European eRoaming. Hubject’s intercharge will be the main platform connecting to MOBI.E, enabling cooperations between Portuguese CPOs and European EMPs. All Hubject partners can access the public charging infrastructure in Portugal, without needing a legal licence or a separate technical integration. By eliminating legal and technical barriers this strategic cooperation makes entering the Portuguese market as straightforward as any other bilateral offer on the intercharge platform.

About Hubject:

Hubject simplifies the charging of electric vehicles. Through its eRoaming platform intercharge the eMobility specialist connects Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Service Providers (EMPs) to provide standardised access to charging infrastructure regardless of any network. Hubject has established the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles by connecting CPO networks encompassing over 400,000 connected charging points and more than 1,250 B2B partners across 52 countries and four continents. In addition, Hubject is a trusted consulting partner in the eMobility market, advising automotive manufacturers, charging providers, and other EV-related businesses looking to launch eMobility services or implement Plug&Charge using ISO15118-2 and ISO15118-20. In essence, Hubject promotes eMobility and its advancement worldwide. Founded in 2012, Hubject is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, EnBW, Enel X, E.ON, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens and the Volkswagen Group. Hubject’s headquarters are in Berlin, with subsidiaries in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

About MOBI.E:

MOBI.E, S.A. is a public company that has been acting, since 2015, as the Electric Mobility Network Managing Entity (EGME), assuming responsibility for the management and monitoring of the electric charging stations network, namely in terms of energy and financial flows.
MOBI.E has a leading and facilitating role within the transition process for electric mobility in Portugal, functioning as a public instrument for the development of sustainable mobility.
The Mobi.E Network, or National Electric Mobility Network, is a network of electric vehicle charging stations for universal access, interoperable and centred on the user. Currently, the network has more than 5,800 charging points nationwide, with more than 1,150 charging stations being fast or ultra-fast charging points, in other words, their power is higher than 22 kW.

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Head of Marketing
Hubject GmbH
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March 1, 2023

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