Strategic partnership between Hubject and Exicom aims to fuel further growth in India’s booming EV market

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June 19, 2024

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Berlin / New Delhi, 19 June, 2024: Hubject, the EV Interoperability market leader, has entered into a strategic partnership with Exicom, India’s largest EV charger manufacturer and a trusted partner for global automobile leaders, charge point operators and other ecosystem players. The overall aim of the partnership is to use Hubject’s innovative interoperability technology to improve the charging experience for EV drivers in India. This includes Hubject’s intercharge platform, which will make it easier for EV drivers to find charge points and then simply charge when needed.


Specifically, Exicom and Hubject will collaborate on Hubject’s Plug&Charge platform, creating a regional Indian hub to:

·      enable the industry-leading global technology,

·      support local charge point operators(CPOs) based on ISO15118 standards,

·      enable fully automated charging capabilities,

·      produce the first Plug&Charge standard in India, making India one of the leaders in this standard in the region.


This means EV drivers in India will be able to plug into compatible charge points and charge up instantly using automatic EV-to-charging station authentication technology without the need of an app or RFID card.

Christian Hahn, Hubject CEO, said: “The EV market in India is seeing explosive growth. Last year sales nearly doubled and this year they are expected to rise by 66%. This strategic partnership with Exicom and the introduction of Hubject’s intercharge platform aims to support this massive growth by making the charging experience easier and more reliable for EV drivers. This is an important step in encouraging more drivers in India to make the switch from cars using fossil fuel to EVs.” Mr Hahn added: “This partnership is good news for Hubject, Exicom and EV drivers in India, and it’s also a big step forward in our strategic aim of having Plug&Charge everywhere.”

Anant Nahata, CEO of Exicom, spoke on the scope of the collaboration in detail: “Addressing the challenges of reliability and seamless EV charging experience in the Indian market is crucial. Our partnership with Hubject aims to provide a frictionless charging experience for EV users. The establishment of a central interoperability hub will further streamline payment settlements and reduce dependence on multiple wallets, ensuring a smoother experience for EV users nationwide.”

Hubject’s interoperability technology simplifies the charging process by enabling EV drivers to locate, access, and pay for charging services through their interface of choice, regardless of the operator. This eliminates the need for multiple memberships and payments, allowing for a smoother and more user-friendly experience. Drivers can effortlessly roam between different CPOs, much like mobile phone users roam between networks, ensuring that EV charging is as straightforward as filling up a traditional car with fuel.


About Hubject

Hubject simplifies the charging of electric vehicles. Its eRoaming platform connects original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), charge point operators (CPOs), and eMobility service providers (EMPs) to provide standardized access to a charging infrastructure regardless of any network. Hubject has established the world's largest eMobility charging network for electric vehicles by connecting over 725,000 charging points and more than 2,250 B2B partners across 63 countries and four continents. In addition, Hubject is a trusted consulting partner for the eMobility sector, advising automotive manufacturers, charging providers, and other EV-related businesses looking to launch eMobility services or implement Plug&Charge using ISO15118-2 and ISO15118-20. Hubject delivers end-to-end eMobility solutions to power a positive greener environmental future. Hubject was founded in 2012 to design, develop and implement a borderless eRoaming solution through a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, EnBW, Enel X Way, E.ON, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, and the Volkswagen Group. Hubject's global headquarters is in Berlin, with North American and Asia Pacific subsidiaries based in Los Angeles and Shanghai. For more information, please visit


Hubject – on the road to one million networked charge points in 2024!


About Exicom:

Exicom is India's largest EV charging and Critical Power solutions manufacturer, present across the entire EV charger value chain with a host of products across both AC & DC charger segments and is spearheading India's transition to sustainable transportation while ensuring the smooth functioning of critical infrastructure. With a wealth of expertise across its divisions, Exicom’s critical power solutions serve as the backbone of communication networks, delivering uninterrupted power supplies crucial for telecom infrastructure.

As a key player in India's dynamic EV charging industry, Exicom designs and deploys innovative EV charging solutions tailored for diverse environments such as homes, workplaces, and public spaces. Renowned for their durability and reliability, Exicom's chargers excel in varying environmental conditions, supporting the widespread adoption of clean transportation. With a footprint spanning India, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and over 70,000 chargers installed, Exicom is at the forefront of shaping the global EV charging landscape.




Hardik Bansal

Marketing & Communications



Stuart Barnes

Hubject Global Marketing & Communications


June 19, 2024

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