Pan – European Initiative to connect Eroaming platforms

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March 24, 2015

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Pan-European initiative to connect eRoaming platforms

The platform operators, GIREVE, MOBI.E, Enel and Hubject, decided to launch a cooperation aimed at interconnecting five major eRoaming platforms in Europe. The Pan- European initiative engages to further simplify the charging of electric vehicles with single EV charging supply contracts across provider lines and national borders.

eRoaming platforms are a link connecting different market participants in the emobility sector. These business and IT platforms enable charge point operators to conveniently and cost-efficiently open their own networks to additional users and thus get additional revenues by making contracts with emobility providers. These connected networks allow EV drivers to seamlessly recharge their vehicles at charging stations operated by connected charging operators, delivering value to users and all emobility providers and service providers, namely EV electricity suppliers, vehicle manufacturers as well as other market participants.

The five platforms have each established their own eRoaming solutions and service offerings in different European countries. With the launch of the Pan-European eRoaming initiative in the autumn of 2014, the partners joined forces with more than 30 other companies from different industry backgrounds with the view to further promoting the interconnection of these platforms. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to reduce the existing barriers and provide a European interoperable charging infrastructure. As a very first step, the platform operators are embarking on a process of mutually exchanging the geographical data required to locate the charging stations connected to their respective networks. The partners also plan to demonstrate their ability to enable users to charge their electric vehicles at networks connected to any of these five eRoaming platforms through so-called “interroaming”, within 2015.

Moreover, by committing themselves to interconnect their individual platforms the members of the Pan-European eRoaming initiative are following a path that is desired by policymakers. So the European Commission insisted on in its “Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure” directive recently: “The operators of charging stations shall be allowed to provide electric vehicle recharging services to customers on a contractual basis, including in the name and on behalf of other service providers.”

The Pan-European eRoaming initiative thrives on the experience and know-how of the participating companies, and is open to other entities operating in the field of emobility who are interested in joining.

The members of the Pan-European eRoaming initiative are:

Allego GmbH, BMW Group, Center for Excellence and Innovation in Automobile Industry (CEiiA), CNR, Daimler AG, EDF S.A., ELaadNL, EnBW AG, Enel, E.ON SE, ERDF S.A., eViolin, GIREVE SAS, Hubject GmbH, MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG, MOBI.E S.A., Nissan Europe, Renault, Ricardo Strategic Consulting, Robert Bosch GmbH, RWE Effizienz GmbH, Siemens AG, smartlab Innovationsgesellschaft mbH, SMATRICS, The New Motion BV, T-Systems Austria, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH, Verbund AG and Volkswagen AG.

March 24, 2015

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