Open Plug&Charge Testing system by Hubject launched

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November 16, 2021

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San Francisco, November 16th – Hubject, the leading interoperability platform for eMobility, announced the kick-off of the Open Plug&Charge Testing system. This enables EV market players to get access to a neutral testing environment, discovering more of the functionalities of Plug&Charge without any business commitment.

Multiple vehicle manufacturers, mobility operators and charge point operators on the international level already have been using Plug&Charge to foster the adoption of customer-centric charging solutions. Several already productive implementations of Plug&Charge in the field successfully proved that the open and global ISO 15118 standard meets these market-driven requirements.

"We are open for collaboration because we believe that this is the only joint activities will consolidate a more mature EV market. One of our priorities is to help turn the market accessible for all players. That's the only way we can achieve the common goal of mass EV adoption, resulting in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. But mass adoption of EVs would not be feasible unless every EV driver has an easy and secure way to charge the vehicle. To accelerate this process, we decided to share our lessons learned and experiences by launching the Open Plug&Charge Testing system." said Christian Hahn, Hubject CEO.

Plug&Charge for EV drivers

The EV drivers usually use an app or RFID card for charging. This way might not always be convenient for users and doesn't fully ensure maximum data protection. Here, Plug&Charge is a game-changer, as it enables charging sessions without the need for apps or cards due to the direct and encrypted communication between the vehicle and the charging point.

Steffen Rhinow, Head of Plug&Charge added:
"The Open Plug&Charge Testing System gives everyone the possibility to experience the new eMobility authorization method via ISO 15118. This includes creating contracts certificates, ISO 15118 Contract data, accessing the Hubject Root Pool, requesting contract installations and issuing EVSE-Leaf certificates. It enables CPOs and MOs to implement Plug&Charge independently from Hubject existing Plug&Charge based implementation. "

Access to Open Testing System is the next step to accelerating Plug&Charge adoption, and thus EV adoption. So far, the technology has received strong support from OEMs and CPOs, and the number of partners is exponentially growing. The US government set a goal of making half of the new vehicles electric by 2030, and the EV charging market must be ready for this ambitious plan. Plug&Charge is a solution, which will be available to any company interested in their business growth, their customers' needs and the EV mass adoption.

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About Hubject

Hubject simplifies the charging of electric vehicles. Through its eRoaming platform intercharge, the eMobility specialist connects Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and eMobility Service Providers (EMPs) to provide standardised access to charging infrastructure regardless of any network. Hubject has established the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles by connecting CPO networks encompassing over 400,000 connected charging points and more than 1,000 B2B partners across 52 countries and four continents, In addition, Hubject is a trusted consulting partner in the eMobility market, advising automotive manufacturers, charging providers, and other EV-related businesses looking to launch eMobility services or implement Plug&Charge using ISO 15118. In essence, Hubject promotes eMobility and its advancement worldwide. Founded in 2012, Hubject is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, EnBW, Enel X, E.ON, Siemens and the Volkswagen Group. Hubject’s headquarters is located in Berlin, with subsidiaries in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

HUBJECT— Heading for the future.

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Hubject GmbH | EUREF-Campus 22 | D-10829 Berlin | Germany

Daria Nazarova

November 16, 2021

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