Intercharge Network Conference ICNC21 | Vision and Action for eMobility 2025

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October 5, 2021

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The 9th edition of the intercharge Network Conference is focused on the topic Mobility 2025 – on the verge of mass adoption, defining an EV Charging roadmap for the next four years.

BERLIN, 05.10.2021 – The 9th edition of the intercharge Network Conference (ICNC) hosted by a global eMobility expert Hubject on September 22nd and 23rd in Berlin, successfully reunited the international EV Charging industry in a hybrid event format. With 3,000 participants who joined onsite and online, 33 speakers from across the world, and 33 sponsors, the ICNC 2021 once again established itself as the global go-to B2B eMobility conference.  


Having the experts at the conference, Hubject, the host of the conference used the opportunity to discuss with the participating experts, how the industry can reach the next level and start becoming a mass market. Therefore, five change catalysts were identified, to establish a mature and connected EV charging market by 2025: digital customer experience, smart energy, cities and municipalities, new market entrants, and the value of data. In four years, 54 million passenger EVs will be on the road worldwide. The outlined measures that should be taken by that time in order to have an EV charging ecosystem were discussed and used to generate a comprehensive infographic including all proposals measures and activities.

The infographic is available here.


Top-class industry leaders such as Dr. Andreas Aumann from BMW Group, Luuk van Kuik from Last Mile Solutions, Elias Pöyry from Virta and Constantin Schwaab, from Wirelane presented their vision of eMobility and what actions are needed to reach a mature EV Charging Market by 2025, the year, when a middle-class electric vehicle will cost the same as its internal combustion engine pendant, lifting the industry to new levels of mass adoption.

“We have paid a lot of attention to the electromobility value chain, but we have not paid enough attention to the environment in which electromobility operates,” says Carsten Puhl, CTO of Hubject.  “Therefore, we chose the theme of ‘eMobility 2025’ allowing the industry to reveal what action is needed to reach a mature and connected EV Charging Market by 2025.”  

As the main goal of the ICNC is to connect all B2B players of the EV Charging ecosystem, Hubject decided to organize the conference as a hybrid event, ensuring accessibility despite changing travel and health regulations for the international audience. With over 3000 digital tickets sold and high engagement of the online audience, the format proved successful and will come back for the ICNC 2022.  


“The ICNC is a fantastic representation of our ecosystem-based market and truly unites all players over the common goal of making EV charging fast, simple and accessible for everyone,” says Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject. “The feedback and size of this year’s conference perfectly mirror the growth we are seeing in the EV Charging Industry over the past year. One thing is clear: The future of eMobility will be a great one.”

The intercharge Network Conference will return in 2022.  

Have a look at the official ICNC21 Aftermovie.

About Hubject  

Hubject simplifies the charging of electric vehicles. Through its eRoaming platform intercharge, the eMobility specialist connects Charge Point Operators or CPOs and eMobility Service Providers or EMPs, thus providing standardised access to charging infrastructure independent of the network. With over 400,000 connected charging points and more than 920 B2B partners across 52 countries and four continents, Hubject has established the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles by connecting CPO networks. In addition, Hubject is a trusted consulting partner in the eMobility market, advising automotive manufacturers, charging providers, and other EV-related businesses looking to launch eMobility services or implement Plug&Charge using ISO 15118. In essence, Hubject promotes eMobility and its advancement worldwide. Founded in 2012, Hubject is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, EnBW, Enel X, Innogy, Siemens and the Volkswagen Group. Hubject’s headquarters can be found in Berlin, with subsidiaries in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

About intercharge Network Conference

The intercharge Network Conference is the biggest b2b conference on eMobility, where the International EV Charging Industry mingles. Since 2013, the ICNC is an annual event, connecting all B2B players of the EV Charging ecosystem and offering a great networking platform. Since 2021, the ICNC is a hybrid event, that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component.

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Hubject GmbH | EUREF-Campus 22 | D-10829 Berlin | Germany

October 5, 2021

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