Illwerke VKW counts on Intercharge

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November 11, 2015

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Illwerke VKW counts on Intercharge

Whether on the way to a ski holiday or a weekend at the Lake Constance, VKW and its involved partners engage with their charging infrastructure in customer-friendly electric mobility – without restrictions and borders.

With the product “VKW VLOTTE Meet&Charge” hotels and restaurants are able to offer a modern and comfortable e-car charging solution. For a minimum monthly fee, the VKW deliver a standardized charging solution for all current electric cars to these partners.

“The roaming platform of hubject is a smart way to connect charging stations of different operators with emobility providers.”

Thanks to the connection to Hubject’s eRoaming platform, guests driving through can easily find the charging points and retrieve their status online. intercharge and intercharge direct allow for a customer-friendly use and activation of the charge points with all commonly used access media – 24/7, even off season. In this way we make sure the rapidly increasing number of EV drivers are aware of the charging points located close to restaurants and can always make use of an operational charging spot.

November 11, 2015

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