ICNC 20 | PLUG > IN X Change the Game

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October 13, 2020

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ICNC 20 | PLUG > IN X Change the Game

Retrospect and Prospect at the ICNC20

The intercharge network conference brings together what belongs together. Over the past nine years, the ICNC has positioned itself as an international event in eMobility. 2020 is a year full of challenges and adjustments; however, as the event's slogan shows: PLUG>IN X CHANGE THE GAME — Hubject welcomes changes and evolution.

The intercharge network conference 2020 plugged into exciting new international trends and unfolded the future of eMobility.

For the ninth year in a row, Hubject is delighted to host the intercharge network conference (ICNC) on September 17th & 18th in Berlin, Germany, bringing together global players and professional representatives from mobility, energy & technology sectors, as well as start-ups and corporates. With over 1,300 participants, 200 companies, 30 speakers, and ten partners, the ICNC20 is one of the largest eMobility conferences.eMobility is an exciting sphere with emerging trends; therefore, the first new value-added features of ICNC20 debuted with the ICNC20 App and Livestream rollout. Regarding the current situations under the impact of COVID-19, Hubject warmly invited global players to flexibly join the intercharge conference online or offline where innovation leaders met creative formats to give a glimpse of the eMobility world of tomorrow from all perspectives.This year, we were delighted to host the first Hubject eMobility Start-Up Award and have innovative Start-up contestants to present their business models. Warmest congratulations to ev.energy — the winner of the first Hubject eMobility Start-Up Award, and we applaud all competitors. Your enthusiasm and inspiration mark a bright future of eMobility. The industry is traveling down an exciting path for the newcomers, and already involved players — PLUG>IN X CHARGE UP and drive off along with thought-provoking ideas and insights for the market.

Inspiring and in-depth discussion to unfold the future of eMobility

The expertise, senior level of presenters, and panelists scoped out the insights and discussed new strategic mobility topics. The conference's range of topics grew significantly this year, not only reflecting the market's tremendous growth but also envisioning a prospective roadway. In addition, experts from well-known companies presented and debated the current state, opportunities, and challenges of digital mobility. The following speakers are just a snapshot of all the speakers who have joined the conference.Hui Zhang, Vice President of NIO Europe, offered an in-depth keynote on Empowering the Users and intercultural experiences in accordance with German and Chinese markets. The business development was comprehensively illustrated from four perspectives: deliveries, user engagement, charging and service, followed by further discussion of NIO Battery as a service with the support of NIO Power Cloud.The ICNC20 gave insights into emerging eMobility markets, identified cross-market opportunities, and looked at different business strategies.Ernesto Ciorra, Chief Innovability Officer of Enel, delivered the keynote about Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities. Global warming is accelerating the pace and magnitude of climate change. As the world's largest renewable private player, Enel dedicates to the V2G commercial application since 2016. Enel X IT (Information Technology) made it available around 130,000 public and private EV (Electric Vehicle) charging points worldwide. This keynote provided first-handed insight from market-leading companies with digital innovation.4P-Manager eVans, Benjamin Walde offered a panel discussion about Commercial Vehicles: The big opportunity for sustainable mobility future. He is responsible for a successful market launch of all-electric Mercedes-Benz Vans into the German market. Together with the speakers, the participants took a journey through key information and introduced new strategies to hit the road.

Three major subject categories drive the eMobility industry forward with ICNC20 together.

PLUG>IN - The charging experience – Success factor in the electric era.'The beauty of charging is the power of choice!' - Martin Roemheld (Head of charging, Volkswagen). The analysis of trends, technologies, and developments in the charging sectors served as valuable insights for a progressive regulatory framework and profitable business models. The golden circle of charging further explained that the customer experience of charging is considered a key to making mobility more attractive – cheaper, effortless, and more sustainable.Level up - Commercial Vehicles: The big opportunity for sustainable mobility futureFocused on three main directions of commercial vehicles and illustrated the roadmap for the future commercial vehicles: Market Insights Commercial Vehicles, Charging Infrastructure Requirements, and Insights Catenary Charging. The speakers shed some light on what the world of e-commercial vehicles would be like in the future and enabled the participants to involve in the globally scalable business models.CHANGE THE GAME – eMobility 2025: Trends and TechnologiesDiscussing on integrated energy and vehicle systems and technological bases of future mobility. A panel of well-respected leaders deliberated the unexpected advantages of electric vehicles for the grid and how EVs are critical to the global energy transition in the upcoming future. These visionary speakers brought targeted approaches, different business models, and experience topped with sparking ideas to the stage.Breakout Sessions at ICNC20 provided an inside scoop and made the highway fast since the pace of evolution and challenges in eMobility will continue to quicken and reinforce our interests in the next couple of years.Breakout session topics included OICP 2.3 next level EV charging, Plug&Charge implementation guide, as well as Commercial vehicles/fleets - Needs and Requirements, and Charging infrastructure – Stranded asset or future proof. More than 340 attendees gathered to discuss the innovative technology and sparking ideas under the limit of each session's number of seats.


The intercharge network conference (ICNC20) is a remarkable success this year and not only regarding the number of attendees. The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 crisis is at the root of a major shock for the world's economy and has the world in its clutches; however, Hubject and the entire eMobility industry are up to embrace the new challenges, as we did in the past. Within a fully-fledged two-day program topped with top-class keynotes, panels, and workshops for participants of all levels, we are grateful to all the attendees for the cooperation and adhering to the hygiene measures.Together with your support, ICNC20 achieved its new milestone with a perfect ending.As is expected at ICNC, valuable insights on trends, visions, and new business models in eMobility will continually be developed and addressed. There is an exciting road ahead, and we are looking forward to traveling it with you at the next ICNC in 2021.Hubject welcomes you to get on board and heading for the future together!Find a complete review of this years ICNC20 here

October 13, 2020

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