Hubject partners with in-car payment specialist ReCharge

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October 10, 2018

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EV Tech Company, ReCharge, Will Work with Hubject to Make Charging Even Easier and More Accessible

Los Angeles, California (October 9, 2018) - Hubject, the globally-recognized leader in enabling electric vehicle (EV) charging interoperability, today announced its strategic partnership with ReCharge Technologies Corporation, a company whose mission is to enable in-vehicle, two-way communication and transactions with various services.

Hubject and ReCharge will work toward a shared goal of simplifying EV charging and further promoting EV adoption. The partnership will allow EV drivers with ReCharge equipped vehicles access to over 80,000 of Hubject’s global partner’s charging stations without the use of RFID cards or any direct payment input from the driver.

“Partnering with ReCharge was a natural fit for Hubject, because we are both focused on bringing innovative technology to the EV charging industry,” said Paul Glenney, North American CEO of Hubject. “Charging has traditionally been seen as one of the hurdles surrounding EV adoption but through our eRoaming platform and ReCharge’s connected vehicle technology, we can make charging even more convenient for users and help shift perceptions.”

Hubject’s eRoaming platform, called intercharge, allows EV drivers to easily find, access and pay at charging stations from various charging networks with one account, one card, one app and one bill. Currently Hubject is responsible for connecting over 350 different charging businesses, including automakers and utilities partners, allowing EV drivers to seamlessly charge at over 80,000 charge ports across the globe.

ReCharge is a technology company which enables vehicles to communicate and interact with the world around them, including with EV chargers. Soon parking systems and toll operations will be added for easy, uninterrupted transactions. EV drivers will no longer need to use apps or external hardware to pay for charging, tolls or parking because the vehicle will take care of this process via the proprietary ReCharge technology installed on vehicles by the automakers.

“We’re excited to partner with Hubject because our priorities are very closely aligned,” stated Aaron Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder at ReCharge Technologies Corporation. “Making EV transportation easier is our main priority and partnering with like-minded companies, such as Hubject, allows us to advance toward this goal within the EV segment.”


ReCharge Technologies Corporation is building a B2B platform that allows any automaker to deploy fully transaction enabled electric vehicles for their customers. Created in early 2018, ReCharge has a diverse group of advisors that include Marco Mattiacci, the former CEO & President of Ferrari North America + China; Linda Pouliot, CEO & Founder of Dishcraft Robotics; and Samu Chakki, Autopilot Hardware Validation at Tesla. The goal of the ReCharge platform is that whenever a vehicle interacts with charging stations, parking, toll roads, and fast food, it will be able to autopay without assistance from a plastic card or mobile app. No matter if the vehicle is human driven, semi-autonomous, or fully-autonomous, vehicles will need to perform transactions regardless of who is in the driver’s

October 10, 2018

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