Hubject joins Power Circle in Sweden

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May 10, 2019

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Hubject joins Power Circle in Sweden

Hubject strengthens their presence in the Swedish market joining Power Circle. Hubject’s eRoaming platform provides a seamless charging experience for EV drivers traveling long distances between charging operators and between countries. Charging operators (CPOs) offer their charging infrastructure to an open market where eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) can also offer charging services to any charging network roaming via the Hubject eRoaming platform. EV drivers are then able to drive anywhere with a single operator contract.The global company Hubject is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Hubject, which has been active in Scandinavia, will now become part of the Power Circle organization. One of the major Swedish Charging operators, Bee Charging Solutions, has joined the Hubject eRoaming platform to offer their charging network to every eMSP, increasing the utilization rate on their charging network. By joining the Hubject eRoaming platform, the Bee Charging Solutions network is now open to any driver from any charging network also on the Hubject eRoaming platform. The fast-growing charging market in Sweden, combined with high technical charging operator capabilities, makes Sweden an attractive country within eMobility. With a continued increase in the number of EV’s traveling longer distances, the questions regarding using different charging networks and being in different countries require an answer. Hubject provides an answer in the eMobility market.“We now see, as we enable eRoaming for more than 80% of the entire market in Europe, our services start to become real and meaningful for the CPOs, who are offering their networks on the eRoaming platform.  “Additionally, the eMSPs are offering their access to charging services in Sweden and abroad as well. We enable these market services for charging electric vehicles both through the operators own App, RFID-card or even seamless”, says Nils Dullum, Managing Director and CSO at Hubject.Power Circle sees the transition to electric vehicles as an important part of reducing dependency on fossil fuels. New services and solutions which make it easier for customers to own electric vehicles will contribute to the climate transition. Hubject is building a bridge between charging operators throughout Europe with their eRoaming platform. By being a part of Power Circle, Hubject can learn more about the Swedish market. At the same time, the Power Circle network is strengthened by offering more experience to the value chain.Our Business is continuously developing and for Power Circle, it is natural to include innovative companies from the entire value chain. “We appreciate Hubject taking the step and entering our partner network”, says Johanna Lako, VD at Power Circle.For more information on Hubject and Power Circle, please visit and Hubject GmbHNils DullumMD/CSO at Hubject GmbH+45 2295 3442+49 1734 9501 56Contact Power Circle Daniel KulinSpecialist e-mobility at Power Circle+46 76-833 07 77

About Hubject

Hubject is a joint venture of seven German auto, technology and energy companies. Hubject’s eRoaming platform is strictly a business to business offering. It gathers charging operators (CPO – Charge Point Operator) and mobility operators (MSP – Mobility Service Operator) onto one eRoaming platform. The platform is a marketplace for offering eMobility services between commercial participants enabled through a single contract with Hubject. All EV drivers can then drive seamlessly between charging networks during long travels and across borders using one contract with an operator of choice. See more at

About Power Circle

Power Circle gathers the new energy businesses around important future questions. Together with around 60 individual businesses, Power Circle acts as an enabler of sustainable development through electrification. Among the partners are utilities, technical services companies, universities and other organisations. *The Power Circle business is networking, knowledge transfer, demonstrations and influencing the future power grid and storage solutions, electrification of the transport sector and renewable energy. Read more at

May 10, 2019

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