Hubject expands into the USA and China

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October 16, 2017

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Hubject expands into the USA and China

Berlin, 16/10/2017 – Following its successful launch in Europe and Japan, Hubject is working on expanding its business operations in the United States and China. For the internationalisation efforts, the Berlin-based company drew up an additional investment package worth millions of euros together with its shareholders. The goal: to establish an open charging network for electric vehicles integrating all parties.

Hubject is a seasoned professional when it comes to digital value creation in the emobility sector. The B2B platform combines charging infrastructures from various providers into a standardised, accessible network. As a market leader across Europe, the joint venture unites industry knowledge with digital expertise. The vision: to ensure start-up support for an industry that will redefine mobility in the future. Hubject makes the process of searching, finding, charging, and paying at charging stations easy, thus creating added value for all those involved.

Drivers of electric vehicles can already use over 61,000 charging points from different providers worldwide. With the charging cards and apps from Hubject partners, the charging process is plain sailing. This will also be the case for the USA and China in the future. In the United States, the agreed budget is being invested in setting up the subsidiary Hubject Inc. and in developing initial partnerships, while market launch in China is in the pipeline. Hubject thus aims to establish a comprehensive digital charging network in cooperation with local providers and operators.

No solo players. This is an ensemble.

With the expansion of our company, we are taking our vision to new continents. We want to create a digital ecosystem for new emobility services from which everybody can benefit. Our team is very excited about the challenge,” says Thomas Daiber, one of the two CEOs at Hubject.

In China and the United States, too, complex access and payment systems are hindering advances in emobility – a large number of non-standardized charging networks makes it difficult to ensure a smooth charging process. Hubject wants to overcome these obstacles and establish open structures that enable mutual growth.

Co-CEO of Hubject, Christian Hahn, stresses: “Mobility has the power to connect people and ideas. With our platform, we are creating a charging network for electric vehicles throughout the world, regardless of previous national and system borders.

October 16, 2017

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