Hubject and EVBridges announce technology partnership

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December 6, 2018

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Hubject and EVBridges announce technology partnership

The Two International Technology Companies Will Offer a Comprehensive Service for Seamless EV Driving and Charging at Home and on the RoadSANTA MONICA, CALIF. (December 6, 2018) – Hubject, the eMobility market expert and globally recognized leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging interoperability, has partnered with EvBridges, a provider of charging services focused on creating advanced solutions to support the growing EV ecosystem. Together the two companies will improve the EV driving experience for consumers while working in tandem with grid operators and other value-added service providers.“EvBridges is a perfect collaborator for us as we’re both creating solutions to combat common barriers to entry for consumers considering EVs,” said Paul Glenney, North American CEO of Hubject.“Our goal is to create the best customer experience for EV drivers by simplifying EV charging, thereby increasing EV adoption globally.”Montreal-based EvBridges offers smart charging solutions, ranging from session control and grid load-balancing to reservations and secure payments. The company’s technology allows drivers to track and control their vehicle’s charging from their smartphones, whether they are at home or at a public charger. The EvBridges platform also enables partners to manage charging station networks and individual charging profiles, smoothing power delivery and eliminating unnecessary energy expenditures, reducing costs and environmental impacts.EvBridges’ back-end platform and services will complement Hubject’s intercharge platform, which allows EV drivers to easily find, access and pay for charging from various charging networks with one account, one card, one app, and one bill. Hubject is also a leader in vehicle to grid communication consulting. EvBridges’ smart solutions will be critical in this area moving forward as EV adoption continues to grow exponentially.“We are thrilled to be partnering with Hubject, which has already seen incredible success in Europe,” said John David Cohen, CEO, and Founder of EvBridges. “We believe our alliance will prove to be a vital asset in the EV tech industry as more automakers and consumers alike move toward an electrified future.”For more information on Hubject’s partners and EV charging solutions, please visit


EvBridges, with offices in Montreal and Boston, is committed to accelerating the decarbonization of the transportation sector and growing a sustainable EV ecosystem for consumers, grid operators, and other value-added service providers.As a provider of charging services, EvBridges is developing intelligent integrated solutions that create the charging infrastructure needed to liberate EV drivers from range anxiety and promote EV adoption, while maintaining resiliency and reliability of the electric grid.The combination of its platform, applications, and smart charging equipment enables EvBridges to deliver driver and operations services, including session monitoring and control, interoperability, demand management, reservations and routing, secure payments, and data analytics.For more information on EvBridges and its services, please visit

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December 6, 2018

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