Europe’s charging network intercharge is growing

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October 19, 2015

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Europe’s charging network is growing: charging stations in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France and Switzerland now available for use with intercharge

The Berlin-based company Hubject GmbH has extended its intercharge charging network with the addition of several hundred charging stations in more European target markets. The charging points of its northern European partners Fortum, Grønn Kontakt, VIRTA. and CleanCharge, the Swiss companies Swisscom and Energie Service Biel/Bienne, and the French operator Freshmile are now linked via the Hubject platform. More than 190 companies already rely on the real-time connection of their charging stations and customer-friendly access for electric car drivers via smartphone apps, RFID cards, NFC or plug & charge with intercharge. Further European markets will be opened up by the end of the year.

The activities of Hubject and its partner companies are always pursuing a common goal: the creation of customer-friendly solutions, which allow electric car drivers to easily find charging stations across Europe and use them with a single EV electricity contract. “Together with our partners, we focus on sustainable and therefore scalable eRoaming solutions,” said Thomas Daiber, CEO of Hubject GmbH. “Communication between the various charging station systems, the Hubject platform and the electric vehicle owners’ smartphone is fully automated. As a result, transaction costs across the entire value chain are minimised and new digital solutions are created. We are delighted that charging electric vehicles using eRoaming across Northern Europe, Switzerland and France is now even simpler through our strong partnerships.”

Europe’s charging network, intercharge, is especially charaterised by the diversity of its partners. Along with large energy providers and car manufacturers, small and medium-sized companies, service card companies and startups also rely on intercharge.

EV charging with intercharge in Europe’s northern countries

Fortum Charge & Drive is a leading cloud-based charging business system for EV charging service operators. Charge & Drive is also operating one of the largest smart charging network in Norway, Sweden and Finland. The network consists of over 450 public and semi-public chargers, which will be gradually available through intercharge. Companies such as Nissan, Renault, BMW, and McDonald’s have chosen to partner with Fortum Charge & Drive for delivering a high-quality charging experience for electric vehicle drivers.

Helsinki-based Virta. Ltd provides a comprehensive technical platform and related services for EV charging service business. In Finland the company operates a network of 100 AC and DC charging stations and in Switzerland the Swisscharge network runs on Virta’s technology. The front-end solution, the Virta mobile application allows a smooth service experience at charging stations. The app also enables EV charging in intercharge compatible charging points across the entire network, including Northern Europe.

The Norwegian company Grønn Kontakt operates a nationwide network of charging stations since 2009. It is onwned by 23 Norwegian grid operators and energy suppliers. The company focuses on public AC and DC chargers, which are now accessible for EV drivers via intercharge.

The Danish charge point operator CleanCharge is now part of the intercharge network. CleanCharge also offers intercharge direct: the direct payment solution for intercharge. intercharge direct allows electric car drivers to charge with a major credit card or a PayPal account without an EV electricity contract.

First charging station operator enables cross-border charging in France

Freshmile is the first French charging station operator to join the intercharge network. The charging stations of this independent startup can be mostly found along the French-German border region. To enable EV driver´s cross-border charging is therefore an additional service which can now be offered by Freshmile due to the connection to the intercharge network.

Strong partners lay the foundations for intercharge in Switzerland

Swisscom Managed Mobility is making use of intercharge services to enter the electric vehicle market. Through a strategic alliance with Hubject, Swisscom Managed Mobility will independently form partnerships in the Swiss and Liechtenstein markets as an intercharge partner in the future, thus further expanding the intercharge network. This will provide electric car drivers easy access to various charging stations throughout Switzerland.

Due to the proximity to France and Germany, cross-border charging is an important requirement of the charging infrastructure for Energie Service Biel/Bienne (ESB). Therefore, the first Swiss charging station within the intercharge network is located in Biel. In addition, electric car drivers are able to charge in Biel even without an EV electricity contract through intercharge direct which offers green electricity for free.

October 19, 2015

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