E-Wald is the 200th intercharge partner, bringing more than 600 charging points into the European electric vehicle charging network

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February 20, 2016

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E-Wald is the 200th intercharge partner, bringing more than 600 charging points into the European electric vehicle charging network

Berlin/Teisnach, 20 April 2016. The Bavarian charging network E-WALD is now part of the European charging network intercharge. The mobility provider is integrating over 600 charging points into the digital networking platform of the Berlin-based company Hubject GmbH, thus providing customer-friendly charging via eRoaming to EV drivers from all over Europe. E-WALD is already the 200th European company to rely on the intercharge solution by Hubject.

The charging stations of the Bavarian charging network can, as of now, be activated with a multitude of charging apps and RFID cards from international energy suppliers, automotive manufacturers and mobility providers within the intercharge network. Customers from all emobility service providers of the intercharge network can easily access the charging infrastructure of E-WALD.

The model project E-WALD is an integrated project for demonstrating the functionality of electromobility in rural areas. E-WALD has a project area of 7,000 km² and is the largest demonstration project for electromobility in Germany in regard to total area, also affecting the neighbouring countries of Austria and the Czech Republic. Valuable experience in the setup of charging infrastructure was gained in the project region between 2012 and 2015. Interoperability and digital networking of charging stations were recognised as key success factors for sustainable electromobility, which is why E-WALD decided to enter into a partnership with Hubject after the project phase.

“The most important insight from the project is that the number of charging points is not the only crucial factor. Customer satisfaction depends, to a greater extent, on providing easy and unhampered access to charging stations for all EV drivers. The cooperation between E-WALD and Hubject makes this possible and, at the same time, points the way to customer-friendly electromobility in Bavaria”, as Anton Achatz, COO E-WALD GmbH, comments on the cooperation.

“Electromobility does not stop at national borders, which is why E-WALD is very important for Hubject as a connecting link for the tri-border region of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. We look forward to advancing a sustainable, digital charging infrastructure together with E-WALD as one of the largest group networks in Germany”, says Thomas Daiber, CEO at Hubject GmbH. “Already 200 partners are connected to our eRoaming platform, providing customer-friendly charging across Europe – we now welcome another strong partner from Bavaria who wants to join us in building on innovative and open business models”, adds Christian Hahn, CEO at Hubject GmbH.

February 20, 2016

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