Driivz and Hubject Join Forces to Deliver Seamless Plug & Charge EV Experience

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September 21, 2021

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sep. 21, 2021 – Driivz, the leading end-to-end EV charging and smart energy management software platform, today announced a cooperation with Hubject, the world's largest eRoaming provider, to deliver a seamless Plug & Charge EV experience based on ISO 15118. The impetus for this collaboration came from Mer, a leading European EV charging company providing innovative and sustainable solutions, who recently chose Driivz to power its global EV charging infrastructure and will be the first to benefit from this collaboration. Hubject will serve as the Certificate Authority, providing private/public key pairs to secure and validate the digital communication underlying the instant authorization, payment and charging transaction.

Driivz’ advanced EV charging management end-to-end platform is certified to support ISO 15118. It is an international standard that defines the communications protocol between the charging station and the electric vehicle. The protocol enables Plug & Charge, where the EV driver plugs the vehicle into the charge point. Then, using the ISO 15118 interface, the EV identifies itself to the charging station, allowing for instant authorization and the initiation of charging. The Plug & Charge standard allows drivers to plug in at a public station and start charging without any need to swipe a credit card or tap a touchscreen. This is necessary for the industry to become a mass market, when charging becomes as easy and seamless as possible.

The ISO 15118-compliant EV charging management solution from Driivz ensures Mer and other clients can deliver these capabilities to their customers:

Seamless charging experience:

- Authenticating and authorizing the vehicle to be charged without any action on the part of the driver

- Security: Providing a mechanism by which communication between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure can happen securely

- Smart EV charging

“By complying with ISO 15118, eMobility providers can future proof their networks to create smooth, seamless experiences for their customers while ensuring operational excellence, optimized energy management and stronger security,” said Doron Frenkel, founder and CEO of Driivz.

“As a forerunner of innovative charging technologies, Hubject is thrilled to have global EV charging management leader Driivz and the top-notch charging infrastructure provider Mer on board. We support its commitment to support drivers to switch to a more sustainable mobility future,” said Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject. “At Hubject, we truly believe in innovation to further improve the customer experience of charging. Therefore, we are to partner with leading innovators Driivz and Mer, supporting a seamless, secure and open charging ecosystem to enable a sustainable mobility future.”

"We see ISO 15118 as an important component to provide the easiest and best possible charging experience for our customers. The collaboration is the perfect example of our ambition to become the most customer-focused EV charging company in Europe. Because even if the hardware is heterogeneous, we can still offer the same user experience." said Anton Achatz, Managing Director of Mer Germany GmbH.

Hubject is hosting the Intercharge Network Conference on September 22nd and 23rd, 2021 in Berlin. Doron Frenkel, founder and CEO at Driivz, will be participating as a keynote speaker. Learn more at https://www.intercharge-network-conference.com.

About Driivz

Driivz is the leading global software supplier to EV operators and service providers, accelerating the plug-in EV industry's dynamic and continuous transformation. The company's intelligent, cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations, energy management, advanced billing capabilities and driver self-service tools. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Driivz's team of EV experts serve customers in more than 20 countries, including global industry players such as Volvo Group, EVgo, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, ElaadNL, ESB, and Centrica. Driivz's platform manages tens of thousands of EV chargers in North America, Europe, and APAC, used by more than 800,000 EV drivers. For more information, please visit http://www.driivz.com

About Hubject

Hubject simplifies the charging of electric vehicles. Through its eRoaming platform intercharge, the eMobility specialist connects Charge Point Operators or CPOs and eMobility Service Providers or EMPs, thus providing standardised access to charging infrastructure independent of the network. With over 400,000 connected charging points and more than 920 B2B partners across 52 countries and four continents, Hubject has established the world’s largest cross-provider charging network for electric vehicles by connecting CPO networks. In addition, Hubject is a trusted consulting partner in the eMobility market, advising automotive manufacturers, charging providers, and other EV-related businesses looking to launch eMobility services or implement Plug&Charge using ISO 15118. In essence, Hubject promotes eMobility and its advancement worldwide. Founded in 2012, Hubject is a joint venture of the BMW Group, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, EnBW, Enel X, Innogy, Siemens and the Volkswagen Group. Hubject’s headquarters can be found in Berlin, with subsidiaries in Los Angeles and Shanghai.

HUBJECT— Heading for the future.

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Hubject GmbH | EUREF-Campus 22 | D-10829 Berlin | Germany

September 21, 2021

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