DKV Group counts on Intercharge

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September 28, 2015

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DKV Group counts on Intercharge

On April 2015, the DKV Group launched two new fuel and service cards, namely the DKV CARD +CHARGE and the NOVOFLEET Card +CHARGE. Customers can use these hybrid cards at over 3,000 public charging points in Germany to recharge their vehicles, whatever the make. They can also use the cards as normal to access the conventional acceptance points of the respective provider. Preparations are being made to extend the charging point acceptance network to further countries.

While the number of electric vehicles in Germany sees contuínual growth, the charging possibilities for commercial fleets are still limitied. The new +Charge cards fill this gap by combining several technologies: depending on the charging point operator, users can authenticate themselves at the charging station either through the RFID chip contained in the card or with a QR code, which is scanned by the App +CHARGE.

“In Hubject, the DKV Group has found a capable and reliable partner for the setup pf its new services in the field of eMobility”

The comprehensive intercharge network, consisting of important charge point operators, complements the existing brand-independent acceptance points of DKV and NOVOFLEET excellently. At the same time, Hubject offers development potential with its Europe-wide partner network.  In order to foster the activities in the eMobility sector on a European level the network supports the DKV Group as one of the leading mobility provider in Europe.

September 28, 2015

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