ChargeUp Europe welcomes Hubject as its latest ecosystem partner

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September 12, 2022

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ChargeUp Europe, the voice of the EV charging infrastructure industry in Europe, is excited to announce Hubject as its 6th ecosystem partner, expanding the overall scope and reach of the association, which now consists of 24 full industry members as well as six ecosystem partners. This partnership brings major industry players into alignment and collaboration on the shared, core goal of developing an open, harmonized, pan-European Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) marketplace which makes charging easy for EV drivers, and enables them to speak with one voice.

One key enabler for the smooth and fast uptake of electro-mobility in Europe will be the possibility for EV drivers to charge anywhere and get connected to open charging networks. Roaming between publicly accessible charging networks is critical for EV drivers to be able to drive smoothly and reliably and for the development of a single European EV infrastructure market. Direct peer to peer roaming connections between charging service companies or connections with eRoaming hubs like Hubject are the primary ways that EV drivers can conveniently get access to and recharge their EV outside of their home network.

Hubject and ChargeUp Europe both believe that for an open market model to exist, EVCI interoperability must be a central tenet. This interoperability depends on the use of open, free to use, non-discriminatory protocols and standards available to all players on the market on equal terms. The principles of an open, interoperable market should be supported by a robust regulatory framework at the EU level.

In the context of the ongoing Green Deal legislative proposals from the EU Commission, ChargeUp Europe, in line with its foundational values, is a strong advocate of open protocols and standards in order to spur market competition and ensure a level playing field in the various communication domains of EV charging.

Hubject’s own platform plays an important role in an interoperable European eRoaming market. Its platform allows market players, regardless of their business approach, size or place in the value chain, to participate. The platform provides a low barrier for entry, is non-discriminatory in nature, ensures open and equal access. Its importance in the EV infrastructure industry is evidenced by the number of market players who connect with the platform.

Matthieu Bonnet, President of ChargeUP Europe and CEO of Allego, stated: “ChargeUp Europe is very happy to welcome Hubject as our 6th ecosystem partner. We are excited to work together on pursuing a pan-European EV charging market based on openness and interoperability. As we reach a critical stage for EU policy dedicated to facilitating the rollout of EV charging infrastructure, it is an important signal for us to come together and we look forward to working together to deliver zero emission transport in Europe“.

Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject, said: “Hubject is pleased to become an ecosystem partner of ChargeUp Europe and is looking forward to a closer cooperation with the industry peers. This collaboration could not be more timely, given the rapid EU policy developments, and the speed of innovation on the market. Working alongside and together with ChargeUp Europe members will provide exciting opportunities to deliver the best EV charging services to the consumers and will allow to further accompany the EU in the policy making in this dynamic and ever-changing industry."

He continued: "Since its inception in 2012, Hubject has been working to provide an open and barrier-free EV charging market in Europe. As the market consolidates and expands, industry partnership will enable the EV charging infrastructure interoperability and eRoaming in Europe, and Hubject is delighted to share its experience and lessons learned so far, as the largest eRoaming platform in the world“.

About ChargeUp Europe

ChargeUp Europe is the industry association for the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sector. Our association works to accelerate the switch to zero emission mobility and ensure that EV drivers can enjoy a seamless charging experience with access to high quality, readily available charging infrastructure across Europe. As of today, our 24 member companies are active in all 27 EU Member States, the UK and EFTA, with over 300,000 charging points in the EU.

About Hubject

Hubject is the largest eRoaming platform for electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI) players in the world and therefore a critical player in the EVCI market, helping to connect 1.200 partners in 55 countries connecting over 400,000 charging points.

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September 12, 2022

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