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Hubject’s intercharge network gives you instant access to numerous new eMobility partners. No geographical limitations, no complicated negotiations. One unified open eRoaming network for a seamless charging experience.

More than 2000+ partners already make up our open intercharge network

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A fragmented
eMobility market

Consisting of thousands of individual market players each providing their own charging solutions, the EV market is highly fragmented and difficult for consumers to navigate.

The call for
open collaboration

Without an open eRoaming network, the eMobility market will only become increasingly more competitive and complex, as hundreds of new charging solution providers enter the market every year.

Unifying the market for seamless EV charging

To solve this problem, Hubject unifies market players into a consolidated and open eRoaming network, providing EV drivers worldwide with a seamless charging experience across the board.

Effortless growth

Joining the intercharge network makes you working partners with hundreds of eMobility market players. Expand your business and enter new markets in the most effortless way.

Why Hubject?


Charge points connected to the intercharge network


New network partners each year

Fastest-growing eRoaming network

With our growing intercharge network that’s more than 9 companies strong, you get the widest reach out of all the competition.‍

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Seamless and secure

Our game-changing Plug&Charge service enables an intuitive, secure, and automated EV charging experience.

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Data-driven support

Our experts in data, energy, and mobility provide support and consultation tailored to your specific situation.

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Automated financial flow 

From the promise of payment to the movement of money, we automate the entire financial flow from A to Z.

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One network to bridge all borders

Don’t let market complexity get in your way. Joining Hubject’s global Intercharge network connects you to hundreds of new mobility partners, allowing you to open up thousands of charging stations to any EV driver no matter their contract type or country of origin.

Over 2000+ companies spanning 63 countries establish 10,000+ connections every day.

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Charging everywhere. For everyone.

When it comes to charging, your customers crave reliability. Intercharge gives EV drivers the peace of mind that they can easily recharge at any charging station in the intercharge network, regardless of the contract they hold.

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eMobility Service Provider

I offer charging services to EV drivers. I’m looking to offer my customers more charging stations.

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Charging Point Operator

I operate charging points. I’m looking to offer my charging stations to more EV drivers.

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I’m looking to enter the market or further develop my eMobility services. 

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