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Simplifying the charging experience

Rating of Charging Sessions

Each charging session price is instantaneously calculated once its data quality has been approved. To assess the right total amount, the predefined tax configuration per country and per partner applies.


The successful rating triggers an in near real-time fund transfer between EMP and CPO Settlement Bank Accounts, which are hosted on a secure core banking platform. Regular business bank accounts are connected to the settlement bank accounts through automatic cash-in (EMP) or top-up (CPO), to prevent any default.


Invoices are automatically generated per partner based on transactions that have already been proceeded. In case of transaction revocation, invoices will be regenerated.

Easy contestation of transaction

Simplified communication and workflow between partners for transaction contestations handled on a shared platform.

Less administrative overheads

No need for payment follow up or manual invoices regeneration.

Increased transparency

Pricing methodology made visible at a charging session-level, as well as company real-time cash flows.

Automated invoices

Predefined tax and subsidiary configurations enable a full automatization of invoices.

intercharge Settlement is here!

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