Plug into the world’s
charging network.

Expert or new to the market: intercharge EMP is the gate to the world of eMobility for car manufacturers and power suppliers, telecommunications companies and transport providers. Open your core business up to innovative revenue models and o er your customers all the bene ts of the world’s biggest and most advanced charging network for electric vehicles with intercharge EMP.


Scale it up

Extend your product portfolio with intercharge EMP and open up new areas of business in the growing eMobility market.

Extend your reach

One contract gives you access to the world’s biggest charging network, which is growing all the time: in 2017 alone, we managed to sign up 82 new intercharge partners.

Ready to rise

Our business development is constantly coming up with innovative eMobility solutions for intuitive handling and maximum customer convenience. Digital value-adding services on the Hubject B2B platform let your customers enjoy these developments.


Your customers can charge up on the world’s
biggest charging network using any common access modality. Invoicing done directly by the supplier. It’s as simple as that.



Static and dynamic data from charging stations in the intercharge network allows you to evaluate your charging patterns in the best possible way. Hubject makes it happen.

HighTech Platform

Ready for the future, intuitive, easy to use, secure, proven and ultra- fast: Hubject’s new IT platform is at the heart of our mission and the driving force behind global eMobility growth. Equipped with exible
microarchitecture, user-friendly interfaces and lots of intelligent value-adding services, Hubject is the most advanced platform in the world.

Seamless support

We make things easy for you: our support team is ready to assist you at every stage of the connection process.


Our white-label solution for getting you into the market quickly:
the intercharge app supplied in your own company’s design.

Freedom of choice

Your customers have the choice: charging points are activated Plug&Charge über ISO15118 either by scanning the QR code in the intercharge symbol or by using RFID cards, NFC technology or Plug&Charge.


Maintenance and service

Access to realtime data

Access to the entire intercharge network

Unlimited number of transactions


25 Users

0€ | Monat


75 Users

199€ | Monat


250 Users

549€ | Monat


500 Users and more

829€ | Monat