Insights and Foresights: Meeting Loïs Warner – Hubject’s new Head of Market Development

In 2019 Hubject will continue to pursue its goal of creating a collaborative business environment for all participants in the business of eMobility, to support new technology and business models as a whole. Loïs Warner, the Head of Market Development at Hubject, will tell us more about what is in the pipeline.

Loïs Warner driving one of Hubject’s shared Zero Fleet Scooters on the Berlin EUREF Campus. The Hubject R&D demo is part of a H2020 promoted EU project called ELVITEN: www.elviten-project.eu


1. Hubject has a global view of the evolving eMobility industry. With this in mind, what are the general trends for the next few years?

We see three major factors with a sustainable effect on the industry: First, networking between involved industries is growing. This is being driven by the interdependencies and needed connections between the energy sector, car manufacturing companies, transport, trade, logistics, the software business and many more players in the eMobility industry.

Secondly, the increase in regulation by governments all over the world is driving the industry: low emission zones, renewable energy transition plans, and the demand to evolve to new models centered around a smarter mobility world.

And last but not least: we see new players entering the field: with sizeable investment power giants like Uber and Amazon are increasing the level of competition, clearly accelerating mobility change on a global scale.

2. How does Hubject plan to address these trends?

Above all, Hubject is a software company. Since launching the first global eRoaming platform in 2013, Hubject has built unprecedented skills, connecting over 300 partners in 26 countries through our platform, called intercharge. After upgrading the platform in 2017 we have continued developing further value-added features for diverse market roles and players involved, such as CPOs and EMPs. And I can tell you: There’s more to come…

Moreover, our technological lead enables us to deliver solutions anticipating the international standards of the future, such as ISO 15118: our first-of-its-kind operational ISO 15118 ecosystem and PKI provide the basis for game-changing innovations, such as smart and inductive charging, load balancing and many more smart solutions that will shape tomorrow’s mobility world and energy management.
Right now we’re implementing ISO 15118-based Plug&Charge in North America, together with our partners Greenlots and Electrify America. And we’re prepared to do so in China – where these standardization issues are crucial.

And finally, Hubject tackles mobility topics on a larger scale, addressing established companies as well as new players: Our experience and market-reach gives us the ability to support companies all around the globe entering the market. Hubject Consulting is dedicated to supporting all of them to take advantage of the great new opportunities eMobility provides as a whole.

3. It is springtime, we know that Hubject’s intercharge network conference is around the corner. Can you tell us what’s in store for the 2019’s session?

As we do every year, the 2019 conference has a strong new mobility business focus including a wide array of players throughout the mobility value-chain. ICNC19 will look at the business potential of the different market roles, new and old, analyze investment strategies from big players in the market and also identify value-add e-mobility services.

We are additionally introducing a new format this year: the Breakout sessions, facilitated by Hubject Consulting. These are hands-on workshops with a small number of participants hosted on a CO2 neutral solar boat on the river Spree! The Hubject Consulting team will share information and data from today’s most talked about eMobility topics, such as the business case of vehicle2grid, significant market trends in China and advanced leasing models for eFleets. On top of this, our ISO 15118 specialists will share their Plug&Charge insights and update participants on the progress Hubject has made as a development leader of this standard.

Of course, the conference will also include high-level keynotes covering the latest trends in the digitalization of mobility and intersecting businesses and technologies. We also expect that everyone will participate in the Q&A sessions and not-to-be-missed open-air networking sessions along the banks of the river Spree.

4. Can you tell us more about the program?

ICNC19 is focusing on challenges and opportunities within the eMobility industry: how to conquer new markets, how to expand globally and to explore new opportunities.
Once more we have an exciting range of keynotes, presented by a global mix of big names and emerging young talent – such as IBM, Wirelane GmbH, Alibaba Cloud, Telekom, StarCharge, Blink, IKEA, Porsche, Hyundai, PCH innovations and many more. The program includes a top roster of digital mobility makers, who will be addressing the most relevant questions and burning issues in future mobility – focusing on four guiding topics:

eMOBILITY GOING GLOBAL – scaling business models of new and established players worldwide

THE DIGITAL MOBILITY ECOSYSTEM – how to monetize crucial interfaces between merging eMobility industries.

TECHNOLOGY PRINCIPLES: Big Data, HMI technologies, and AI as a foundation of future mobility

THE NEXT ERA OF CHARGING AND URBAN MOBILITY – a journey through the most relevant use cases, featuring new fueling strategies for mobility in cities…

ICNC is an invitation-only event. However, if you wish to be part of this as a guest or partner to contribute or gain the latest knowledge within “Digital Mobility”, you can contact us at icnc@hubject.com. We are looking forward to meeting, talking and learning from all our guests in Berlin on the 13–14th of June!


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