Hubject eMobility Market Index

A detailed analysis of the electric mobility market in 31 European countries, the US & China.


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HEMI Champions

This year’s highest HEMI score was achived by China, closely followed by the USA and Norway. Seven more nations got eMobility superstar status this year.

Leaders paving the way

Top 10 countries represent 96% of the EV sales, and 95% of the installed publicly accessible charging stations of all examined nations.

Increase of subsidies

China, in the lead followed by the US, with Eastern European countries significantly increasing their subsidies in the field of electric mobility.


Ranking of 33 relevant markets regarding their state of development of electric mobility.

Data insights

First-hand data through Hubject‘s expert network and its position as a leading eRoaming platform operator.


Calculation and aggregation of 12 indicators reflecting national-level economic and environmental data.


The higher the HEMI, the more a country is attractive for the development of services in the field of electric mobility.

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