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The ZeroFleet: Let’s go electric!

Welcome the Hubject Zero Fleet: From April to November 2019, Hubject R&D offers a long-term sharing service of ten eScooters. Apply, be lucky and get chosen to enjoy noiseless, fume free, zero-emission rides – all free of charge!

Zero Worries:
The Zero Fleet.

Help our research team to explore the future of Light Electric Vehicles and their ideal integration into urban transport systems. Please note that in return for our all free service we ask you to generate anonymized data – through a black box build into the ride and through ten short questionaries that we kindly ask you to take. Now keep your head high and enjoy!

Zero Emission

Make this planet a better place.

Start cruising through the city of Berlin and its summer of 2019. Help our research team to find out everything about the ideal usage and integration of EL-Vs into urban transport systems – simply by using our free service!

Lots of Role Model

Be proud and #show it.

We trust you will share a minimum of 3 pictures with #LetsGoElectric and #ThisIsHubject. To help you get around the eScooter will be provided with a helmet and lockable box as well as third-party liability and part-comprehensive insurance. Find technical details on the vehicle on SimpleMobility’s website.

Zero Costs

Not Money. Just your time.

The offer is completely free. To make this possible, we ask you to complete a total of 10 questionnaires in return. This takes max. 10 minutes of your time. Promise.

Lots of Responsibility

You carry our trust.

Keep in mind: we can offer the Zero Fleet only if you fill out all ten questionnaires. And we trust you will share a minimum of 3 pictures with #LetsGoElectric and #ThisIsHubject. We will ask about your homework when you return your scooter. And by the way: It’s zero noise, so be attentive to your environment while you drive.

Zero Stink

We guard your data.

All personal information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality by Hubject. On top the data collected by the black boxes and the questionnaires are anonymized. We will keep an original copy of your ID card and driver’s license in paper form until 6 months after your rental period. And we keep your name and email address until the 31.07.2020. Then this information will be deleted. Good to know: The fleet manager could theoretically be able to link your personal data to your moving pattern and answers.

Lots of Choice

3 weeks of freedom.

The scooters are always handed out for 3 weeks, from Tuesday to Tuesday. During this time the scooter belongs to you and you are soley responsible for running and charing it, as well as all its belongings. In addition to the 10 eScooters, we have two pedelecs available for long-term sharing. Please note that for these, no helmets will be rented out.

Find out more about the ELVITEN Project.

The ZeroFleet is part of a H2020 promoted EU project called ELVITEN. Its goal is to promote the usage of light electric vehicles and to show how they can be integrated into the existing transport network of six European cities. Get to know the companies and organizations in Berlin that are supporting the ZeroFleet below.

Frequently asked questions

If your company is interested in talking with our support group of industry experts about the future of LEVs or accompanying our demo content, please contact us!

For all other queries follow here

How it works.

  1. Fill in the form and submit your request.
  2. Receive our confirmation email with the pickup date and all the information you need – to become a ZeroPilot.
  3. Pick up the scooter at Hubject HQ Office on the confirmed date and time. Register at our front office and return the scooter in time and shape.

Choose the starting date of your 3-week cycle


Be loud and proud!

Finally, let us add that in return for our Zero Cost #Spassmobils we want not only your data but even more so your smiles! So prepare to grab your #Bestie and stunt some fun videos on Instagram or twitter. 

And do not forget to add #ThisIsHubject #LetsGoElectric #ZeroZoneBerlin or #ScootScoot


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