Frequently asked questions

Until when will this service be available?

Until the end of November 2019.

How often can I rent a scooter for a 3-week-cycle?

In principle, participation in multiple cycles is possible. However, this depends on the development of the number of users. As long as free slots are available, you can apply, no matter how often you have already used the offer. In the worst case, your name will be put on a waiting list and our fleet manager will approach you with free capacities.

Why is the rental free of charge?

The rental is free of charge, as it is an EU project funded by Horizon 2020, with which Hubject is not allowed to make any profits. In return for the free rides, the test driver fills out a total of 10 questionnaires online and gives his consent that his movement data can be tracked automatically by a black box in the eScooter.

Who can register as a test driver?

Any person who has a driver license and whose employer is based on the EUREF-Campus. Non-EUREF-campus-employees who are interested in our service need the recommendation of a person who works on the EUREF-Campus by simply putting him “in CC” in the applicable email.

What do I have to do in return?

In addition to your agreement with the black box in the eScooter, we expect a total of 10 completed online questionnaires. You will receive the information on how and where to fill in the questionnaires and your login data in a separate email after receiving the confirmation email.

What data is collected and what is going to happen with my data?

The protection of your personal information is important to us. The data collected via the black box and the questionnaires are therefore stored anonymously, i.e. they do not contain any personal data (such as name or email address). Your personal data will be kept in the Hubject Office in the form of a paper copy of your ID and driver license and will be handed to you upon the return of the eScooter. Please be aware that the fleet manager will be able to link your personal data (name, email address) to your moving pattern and answers. Of course, this information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. You can read more on the data protection in the Privacy Notice, which we ask you to read carefully. When handing over the keys, we will ask you to sign an agreement regarding the privacy policy.

Do I have to pay a deposit when I receive the eScooter?

No, when you pick up your eScooter, only a copy of your ID and driver license will be made. The copies will be retained by Hubject and destroyed six months after the last cycle you participated in.

What should I do if I fail to meet the pick-up or return deadline?

Please contact us early and let us know what’s what and we will surely be able to arrange something. Anyone who does not show up for pick-up without giving a reason or returns the eScooter late will be excluded from further use.

Am I insured while I am driving?

Your eScooter trips are covered by simple liability insurance as well as partial coverage insurance and thus against any damage to third parties. Hubject takes the full risk for material damage to the eScooter.

Can the start and end date or the cycle length of the rental deviate from the specified timeslots?

As a rule unfortunately not.
Exceptions can be requested at zero@hubject.com but cannot be guaranteed.

Possible to pre-book for a future period?

It is possible to send a basic expression of interest to zero@hubject.com stating the desired period. Our fleet manager will contact you if there is free capacity.

Which vehicles are available?

10 eScooters from Simple Mobility

When and how does the collection and delivery of the eScooter take place?

After receiving your confirmation email, you can pick up the eScooter at the Hubject Office (EUREF-Campus 22, 10829 Berlin) on the specified date (usually Tuesdays between 9 am and 6 pm). Please register at the front desk. Here, you will also return the key when you return the eScooter.

How and where can I charge the eScooter?

The battery is removable and can be charged at any conventional socket. So you can either take it with you to your apartment, leave it in the scooter and charge it in the garage or simply wherever you want! In 2 hours the battery is charged to 70% and in 4 hours to 100%.

Is there a helmet and the possibility to store it in the scooter?

Yes, every eScooter comes with a black, open helmet. Each eScooter has a helmet box, in which one can enclose the helmet.

Can two people drive on the eScooter together?

Yes, the eScooter is designed for this. However, only one helmet is rented out for the driver and there is only room for one helmet to store in the eScooter.

What is the range of the eScooter?

One charge will give you 50 kilometers, more than enough for a trip through Berlin. For further technical information visit: simplemobility.org/techniacal-specifications.