Why Hubject?

Your benefits when incorporating the Hubject eRoaming Platform


Growing Partner Network
Use our exponentially growing network that currently consists of 270 partners and reduce lengthy and complicated bilateral linkages.
Highest Visibility
The interoperable intercharge symbol identifies every charging point in the connected charging infrastructure- Charging stations are immediately identifiable by drivers of electric cars.


Intuitive User Interface
The layout of the interface of our platform provides the user with an intuitive handling experience. Due to our process monitoring you receive transparency of all the transactions of your customers.
Highly available IT-Platform
We guarantee you high accessibility of our Hubject eRoaming-Platform – 99.85%.

Solutions and Support

Professional Application Management
We do not leave you in the dark with the technical implementation of our platform. Our IT-team, in collaboration with you, plans all your important milestones and supports you throughout the whole process.
Forward-looking Product Portfolio
Digital, scalable solutions for EMPs and CPOs as well as a continuous development of value adding services, for example Ad-hoc charging, clearing and billing, set us apart from the competition.

Contract and Assurance

Unified contract framework
Our unified intercharge contract framework guarantees you unrestricted access to the entire partner network – both now and in the future.
Maximal System Security
Personnel Credentials, email encryption, PKI, professional certificate management and a data centre in Germany ensures the security of your data.

Open InterCharge Protocol (OICP)

The new electric mobility market is very dynamic and has a short innovations cycle. The continuous development of the interconnected ecosystem is essential in this agile market environment.

To meet the market demands, Hubject continuously develops, together with all intercharge partners, the Open InterCharge Protocol (OICP). The experiences of our partners from all over Europe flow into the development of new functionalities. For us, this cooperative collaboration is an essential building block of the basic idea of the intercharge network.

The most important changes of the OICP 2.1

Value Added Services

Value adding services such as availability status of the parking space, dynamic pricing and reservation of charging stations are easily added with the OICP 2.1 to your eRoaming offers.


With the OICP 2.1 it is possible, over the Hubject Platform, to offer you customers operator-wide reservation of charging stations within the intercharge network.

The most important changes of the OICP 2.0

Specific Pricing

Prices can be defined per charging point, therefore individual pricing is possible, for example: per suburb, charging service or time.

Currency expansion

eRoaming offers can be adjusted in all major currencies.

User Interface Languages Offered
The Hubject portal is, alongside German and English, offered in French and Italian.
Charging Point Information Languages Offered

Additional information regarding charging points can consequently be stored and displayed in different languages.